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Swedish film ‘Tigers’ examines mental health in elite sport, based on real-life experience of footballer Martin Bengtsson and portrayed by actor Erik Enge

We first heard about Tigers back in 2020 when on a phone call with Liv Mjönes. At the time she was promoting the release of her series Stockholm Requiem on Walter Presents and when asked what else she was up to, she mentioned appearing in Tigers. Flash forward to 2022 and finally the film gets […]

Having a blast: Actor Axel Bøyum stars in new Norwegian sci-fi comedy film coming to Netflix, ‘Blasted’

Norwegian actor Axel Bøyum is one to watch out for – he has already won awards early on in his career and has been considered one of the most exciting talents to come out of Norway. Frustratingly, a lot of the series’ he has starred in, such as Delete Me, Eye Witness, and Home Ground, […]

Oslo trilogy star Anders Danielsen Lie tells us about TV series ‘Seizure’ coming to Walter Presents

After a quiet spell on All4’s Walter Presents, a new Nordic thriller series is coming at the end of the month. Seizure is a Norwegian psychological thriller with a supernatural edge, featuring one of Norway’s finest talents, Anders Danielsen Lie, star of The Worst Person in the World and the rest of Trier’s Oslo trilogy […]

Hanna Björn talks to Nordic Watchlist about her character Maria in Netflix’s wild series ‘Clark’

If you haven’t caught Swedish TV Series ‘Clark’ on Netflix yet then you are really are missing out on an absolute hidden gem and we implore you to give this one a watch if you enjoy something quite out there and radical. The cast is truly fantastic and lead by the excellent Bill Skarsgård, who […]

As hit Swedish show ‘Threesome’ comes to All4, Matilda Källström talks about the sexual encounter that sparks a journey of self-discovery for her character Siri

Over on Channel 4’s platform All4 you can find the Swedish series Threesome, a show that has snuck on there completely under most people’s radars. The show was a big hit when released last year in Sweden and we enjoyed binge-watching all eight 25-min episodes last week. Threesome follows young Swedish couple David and Siri, […]

Eskil Vogt speaks to Nordic Watchlist about creating his creepy childhood horror ‘The Innocents’

Eskil Vogt has been a pretty busy man – almost a year since his film The Innocents debuted at Cannes Film Festival, (alongside another wonderful film that he co-wrote, The Worst Person In the World), we are finally seeing this Norwegian horror film released in the UK. Alex from Nordic Watchlist got to speak to […]

We meet young actor Birgir Dagur Bjarkason star of Icelandic coming-of-age film Beautiful Beings

Earlier in the year when Nordic Watchlist was speaking to Olafur Darri Olafasson, we discussed one of his upcoming films Beautiful Beings. A film directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson – whose previous work includes Heartstone and Whale Valley – Darri spoke very animatedly about the young stars in this film, so we had to check […]

As dark Finnish horror ‘Hatching’ takes flight, we speak to director Hanna Bergholm about her cracking feature debut

‘Hatching‘ is a compelling new psychological thriller and body horror film by Finnish director Hanna Bergholm with a quirky style and and even quirkier storyline. The main character, Tinja, is a adolescent gymnast who’s desperate to be perfect and please her image-obsessed mother. After finding a wounded bird in the woods, she brings its egg […]

Four new Nordic movies to watch in March 2022

March is looking to be one very exciting month for Nordic movie releases. In fact we are about to be really spoiled! As TV series begin to quieten down (except for the release of the excellent Snow Angels over on Walter Presents from the 13th March), it is the perfect time to catch these amazing […]

Blood, sweat, and beards – we talk Netflix’s Vikings Valhalla with Icelandic star Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson first came to Nordic Watchlist’s attention when we saw him in the excellent I Remember You – despite appearing in a number Icelandic films and series he is also no stranger to rubbing shoulders (or throwing fists) with Hollywood stars. His Hollywood credentials include the likes of Atomic Blonde, Bloodshot, and most […]

Actor Adam Pålsson talks to Nordic Watchlist about the new series of Young Wallander

I haven’t spoken English in a while Alex, I haven’t been really been speaking much Swedish either, let’s see what happens. Adam is deadpan, and much like his young detective character, pretty hard to read! I know Scandinavians well enough to know that they are very good at pulling your leg and keeping a straight […]

Trapped star Ólafur Darri Ólafsson on playing a cowboy killer in new BBC Series ‘The Tourist’

The last time I spoke with Icelandic star Olafur Darri Olafsson, we were chatting at a live online event with Barnet libraries one evening in spring 2021. But it was 06.30 in the morning for Darri, and he was in quarantine over in Australia. “Let me just grab a coffee” he has said before the […]

Rising Stars of 2021

Amongst all the TV series and films we have been blessed with this year, there are also the talented people who are involved and keep us glued to the screens. In our final post of the year we wanted to turn our attention to some of the brilliant individuals we have discovered this year, who […]

Stella Blomkvist is back! We catch up with its star Heida Reed

Last month saw the release of season two of Icelandic series Stella Blomkvist -four years after season one came out. Described on IMDB as “a young, cute, tough, confident, intelligent, Icelandic lawyer with a flexible moral compass”, Stella Blomkvist is a refreshing romp of a Nordic Noir with a sassy and darkly funny twist. The […]

Nordic Flavours of the Month: November

Another month has flown by and once again a wonderful collection of TV shows and movies to catch – we once again round up some of our favourite Nordic flavours of the month! TV SHOWS We really have been spoilt with TV Series this month and even as we write this we are battling our […]

Meet Pelle Holmström: Star of new Swedish series ‘Partisan’

Walter Presents has delivered another exciting new show from the Nordic region, this time in the guise of Sweden’s Partisan. Alex spoke to one of its stars, Pelle Holmström, about the show, what to expect (no spoilers in this interview), and discuss some music he has been working on too. Nordic Watchlist: Partisan is finally […]

Meet talented Icelandic musician and actress Elín Hall

When listening to the brilliant Kvimyndapod I discovered a film that I hadn’t heard of – Let Me Fall – the movie had been added onto Amazon Prime so I had an opportunity to discover. It is by no means an easy watch as the film tackles the horrendous journey of a drug-addicted girl growing […]

jack o lantern ghost

Halloween Special: Nordic horror film favourites

In this special feature for Halloween, we speak to a variety of people in our Nordic Watchlist network to hear about their favourite Nordic horror movies, and we give our top picks too! Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen Director of Rift It’s very hard to pick just one favorite Nordic horror film, so I have to cheat […]


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