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Meet the Team

Meet the Nordic Watchlist Team

We are a couple living in West Sussex, UK, but our hearts are spread across the Nordic region.

We love all things Nordic, and our mission is to discover the latest and greatest in Nordic entertainment and culture, then bring it to you here on our website. We look forward to working with you!

Alex Minnis

Founder / Creator of Nordic Watchlist / Author

Someone once asked me where my first connection with the Nordic region was and I felt this was a great question – I began to think to when I discovered the music, film, TV series and the people from there.

I remember being besotted with Helena Christenson and Björk whose album, Debut, I had purchased and fell instantly in love with. Then came Sigur Ros who totally blew my mind.

It wasn’t really until 2010 that I really started to realise my fascination with the Nordic region after I joined a travel company that focused on trips to this part of the world.

The rest really is history from there – the more places I travelled to and saw the more I discovered when I immersed myself in the music, film, TV, and Culture.

Nordic Watchlist is somewhere where we can make connections and meet like-minded people, discover and discuss the things we love, and give a platform for promoting Nordic culture to the world.

We would love to know more about you! Get in touch below:

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Claire Minnis

Editor / Author / Branding / Marketing

I’ve always loved writing and design, and my dream was to work on a magazine. After doing a journalism degree, I ended up pursuing a career in Marketing, and I love it.

My day job as a Marketing Manager, along with working on Nordic Watchlist in my spare time, combines all the creative things I enjoy.

Alex and I get super excited about discovering Nordic things and places together – whether it’s the latest TV show, movie, song, fashion or interior design brand, or travel destination – we find out all about it and then bring the best bits to you!