INTERVIEW: Villimey Sigurbjöns

We had the great pleasure of chatting to Icelandic Horror novelist Villimey on her current book Nocturnal Blood, horror in 2019 and TV series…..

You have released your first novel Nocturnal Blood – tell us a bit more about the story?

It’s a vampire horror story but it’s more than that. It’s a haunting and emotional tale of friendship and trust. It’s a coming-of-age story and it revolves around Leia Walker, a 19-year-old girl who suffers from anxiety and OCD. She’s almost mugged in the beginning of the story but her childhood best friend, Sophie Gardner, whom she hasn’t seen for 4 years, saves her. But Sophie is changed. To Leia’s horror, she’s been turned into a vampire.After a bloody event, Sophie forces Leia to run away with her and together they travel from Anchorage, Alaska to Edmonton, Canada in search for answers and evading hunters and other vampires. All of it tests their friendship and how much they’re willing to protect each other.

And you are working on a sequel when do you think this might be released?

The second book in my trilogy, Nocturnal Farm, is scheduled to be released on January 27th, 2020.

How do you feel the year has been for horror novels and movies? Any favourites that stick out to you?

I think it’s been a pretty good year for both horror novels and movies. For movies, I’ve been seeing that they don’t focus as much on jump scares as a crutch which is good because jump scares is a tired trope. I recently watched In the Tall Grass on Netflix and really enjoyed it. It was eerie, creepy and a whole lot of mindfuckery which is what I love about horror. I like a slowburn kind of horror, where you’re dreading every moment of a scene. That or absolutely horrible creatures like the beast in the Ritual.
As for books, I haven’t read any that have come out this year because I’ve been so busy writing the sequel, but there are plenty on my TBR which I’m going to thoroughly enjoy during Christmas vacation

And howabout TV series? You are a confessed Netflix addict – what do you recommend watching?

The Haunting of Hill House! It is absolutely amazing! I was on the edge on my seat the entire time I was watching it and some of the scenes managed to make me scream in fright.Dark, a German time-traveling thriller-mystery-drama, is also one of my favorites. It puts a new spin on time travel that’s so bizzare that it makes your head hurt.Mindhunter is also great! I love that it’s based on real events, real serial killers and how their minds work. It’s hauntingly fascinating. The performance of the actors is stellar as well.I also love a good comedy and my current favorites are The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They’re both hilarious.

With you coming from Iceland have you found the old folklore and ghost stories a strong inspiration?

They certainly were for the spooky prompts that I created for October. For example, I was inspired by the Grýla the child-eating troll folklore as well as a real, Icelandic serial killer named Axlar-Björn. Once I’m done with my Nocturnal series, I will be working on a few horror thrillers that are set in Iceland and are connected to Icelandic folklore.

Finally what is your tip of the day?

Never rush into things (unless when it comes to vacations). Learn to take it slow and savour the moment.

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