W.H.Lung was put on our radar after spotting their album ‘Incidental Music’ being voted at music store ‘Resident Records’ (in Brighton, UK) as their album of the year. Album of the year in 2019 has been a very tricky deal with the year producing some absolutely incredible albums – we were slightly surprised in HQ here that we had, admittedly, not even heard of these guys! After a listen to the record (and one of the best opening tracks we’ve heard in awhile) we went to find out more!

Can you confirm or deny that your name comes from a Chinese shop in Manchester?

Its true. Never been inside, hope to one day play there.

Your debut album ‘Incidental Music’ is a fantastic piece of work – talk to us about the production of the album.

Thank you. It took two years to gestate froM the moment we released Inspiration! as a single. It’s a chronicle of our journey as W. H. Lung so far, a discovery of our sound.

We recorded it all in brief, sporadic bursts with Matt Peel at The Nave in Leeds. Matt is a very important part of the making of Incidental Music, he pushed us to take new directions and dive into modular synthesis.

Can we add that your opening track (and first single off the LP) ‘Simpatico People’ is a great way to start the album – tell us more about this track!

Thank you. The main refrain comes from a Phillip Roth short story called Conversion of the Jews. It’s people watching, in a societal sense.

The music came from the common formula for the writing of all Incidental Music: Tom built up an idea, Tom developed it, I gave it words and we tinkered with structure.

Your year has just been cemented with Brighton’s Resident Records nominating Incidental Music as album of the year – how does that feel?

Yeah, wow. Truly very honoured to have been chosen. We were talking about the sheer quality of releases this year. Big thief, Aldous Harding, floating points, black midi, Fontaines DC etc etc etc.

Record shops remain the best way to support music and buying a record is a direct endorsement of new music and really important for new young bands. It’s great to be so supported by an important shop in the UK scene. We loved playing in Brighton too, it was a proper celebration.

And what would be W.H. Lung’s album of the year?

It’s too many to choose from, we’d all have a different answer too. I’ll leave the compiling to the trusted institutions.

What is next for the band as 2020 approaches?

We’re writing now, in the studio soon. New music, big energy, big ambition.

What recommendations do you guys have in terms of movies, tv shows, books or podcasts you have been checking out?

We’ll have a recommendation per member:

JE- book – A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Extraordinary book of genuine human warmth and compassion. One becomes a better person for reading it.

AM – film- Whale Rider. Low budget, very well done, loving and tense relationship between grandfather and daughter.

CM – book – Here, There and Everywhere – The Jeff Emerick autobiography – a great account of Beatles recording sessions from the engineer that had the most influence on their sound.

TS – podcast – Sync Sessions with Roisin Murphy – would especIally recommend the Daniel Avery episode.

TD – book – Gaza in Crisis and On Palestine by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé

RUMA (in the tour bus with us as he’s supporting the tour) – TV – The Dark Crystal – combines magic of nostalgia with the depth of a proper political drama.

Finally what is your tip of the day?

Stay hydrated!

Thank you for the interview guys! We wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond!

You can keep up to date on the band over on their twitter: W.H. Lung

It is also worth checking out and following the wonderful Resident Records too (where you can purchase the records): Resident Records

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