In 2017 we had been recommended the ‘From An Album’ EP by a band called Febeuder – we were instant fans and been following their moves ever since. Next month we will see the long awaited release of their album which we have been very excited about! We got to spoke to Kieran and Samuel about their current single ‘Réseau’ amongst other things!

New single ‘Réseau’ has dropped tell us a bit more about the direction you have gone for with this track?

Kieran – My aim was to honour what a single generally means by making an uncompromising song that connects to more people. Ukuleles have been a background instrument for songs In the past, so I was curious to hear a lighter unsullied foundation. 

Samuel – Kieran said to me, “I’ve been working on a Ukulele orchestration,” when he was recording the song for several days on his own. The use of rhythmic instruments is decisively sparing. We used the body of acoustic guitars for kick drums, and the thump of a palm on the side of the Baritone Horn, clicks of fingers, edges of wood.

The video is beautifully shot – who did you get to direct for it? (And who has the unicycle skills?)

Kieran – It’s self directed, the theme was inspired by Robert Eggers film ‘The Lighthouse trailer’ we watched the film after finishing our music video. Another influence was ‘The machinist’, as the dismal scale intensifies the calmest scenes. We improvised accordingly, I spotted a unicyclist on the seafront and insisted we film it, In a sense I’m Sams point and he’s my shoot. 

Samuel – Over the years we have been honing our filmmaking skill set. There is an intentional use of ‘out of focus’ in the video but this is something I personally adore. I know some people may be confused by this when first seeing it, but I’ve recently decided that ‘out of focus’ is a style integrity that I think is right.

The unicyclist is a man named Robin (and I don’t know his second name), we are obsessed by the circus you see, so naturally…

Watch Febueder’s music video for ‘Réseau’ here!

You have been consistently dropping fantastic music over several years and we are finally getting an album in April – tell us about more about the album?

Kieran – There are superimposed parts by Sam and myself on the album, such as in songs ‘Rivulet’ and ‘Overthrown’, where contrasted styles are noticeable. 

The album is a purposeful disarray with seeded grand pop scores and graceful drowsiness. My feelings about making it are fairly incandescent, the title (art of repetition) evokes a neutral impression for me, art is the subject, repetition is the objective, so dabbling for expectancy in a days work is more or less counterbalancing your patience.

Although if your too patient, you’ll wait weeks to be summoned by the sound of music, if your tirelessly persistent you will languish faster than your thoughts, predisposed to the worst conditions a musician figuratively obtains, arrhythmic trigger finger, unable to play a riff without  scrutinising to the quick.

Samuel – The album is titled ‘Tomalin Has Etched In,’ it’s something we have been working on for 3 years. It’s a 16 track piece, which I think is fair given the amount of time we’ve taken to release an album of music, I wanted it to be more than 10 or 12, as I feel it’s owed.

You have a handful of concerts coming up are there any plans for more later in the year supporting the album?

Samuel – Yes of course, we are rehearsing at the moment and it’s going well, we are playing a few more of our older songs from previous EP’s on this upcoming tour. After switching to a 2 piece in the live format of music about 2 years ago, we feel that we’ve come to a good place with it. Our understanding of how to make things work with only two people on stage has developed significantly.

Who have you been listening to, watching or reading recently? Have you any recommendations?

Samuel – I’m reading ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov at the moment, as requested by my father’s friend. A book he said his friend has read 25 times. In movies, ‘The Favourite’ directed by Yorgos Lanthimos is my only favourite period film.

Finally, what is your tip for the day?

Samuel – Don’t get into animated work unless you really want to and don’t mind hating the things you will draw.

Fantastic chat with the Febueder’s boys! Great recommendations (we are huge Yogos Lathimos fans) and we are really excited about the release of their album on the 24th April – make sure you get supporting them whichever way you can!

Get following the band on the their website Febuder, their instagram @febueder and twitter @Febueder

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