Well it’s the Easter Weekend and the sun is shining (here in the south of the UK at least), and although we still can’t go out, we’re sure you have plenty of video chats, movies, or games to keep you occupied. We also recommend you spare some time to have a listen to our new favourite band to dance to – Los Bitchos! We got to speak to Serra from the band to find out more about their story and then let them cheer you up with their vibrant, festival sound for a little living room par-tay!

We would love to know how the 5 of you all met and created the band?

It started off with me (Serra) and Carolina meeting each other while i was on tour with my old band Kid Wave. Carolina came on board as a photographer and we became really good mates following that. We were just randomly talking one day and she had sent me a link to this compilation of Peruvian Cumbia (Roots of Chica) and off the back of that we just decided to make an instrumental cumbia track just for a laugh. Over the next few months we kept writing tunes for fun and then randomly i get a call from Carolina saying her friend Agustina (who i met a few times and had gotten drunk with prior to this) wanted to join the band. Keytar is a prominent part of cumbia so since she didn’t play any instruments, we decided that this was the instrument she was going to learn, and she did! Over the next few months we played our first shows and we would just get friends of ours who were available to play with us. I had known Josie for a few years by then through the singer of my old band and when we heard she had left her band that she was touring with we snapped her up! We really needed a full time drummer too, so we put out an open call on facebook, a friend tagged her in it and miraculously Nic popped into our lives to complete the Los Bitchos family that you can see today.

How did the sound come together from this collaboration?

I just really love the sound of chorus pedals. That epic 80’s guitar sound is the coolest sound ever, so that was just what i put on the demo’s by default. I made Carolina get one too. We both use distortion just to give the audience a blast during live sets. We all have quite heavy backgrounds in punk and rock music as well, so we end up bringing a lot of that to our live show and to our songs.

Meet the gang – ©Tom Mitchell

Who can slam the most tequila?I’d say it’s a tie between Carolina and Agustina.

Your recent KEXP Session was epic is this what we can be expecting when you get back on the road?

This session was so fun and we were so happy we actually made it to the session as it had been a bit touch and go with our flights to Rennes. We will certainly be doing as many as they will let us know when shows are allowed to go ahead again.

Catch Los Bitchos awesome KEXP performance here!

With the lack of festivals now, where are you directing your focus – can we expect an album this year?

We had just been in the studio in February laying down the rest of the tracks for the album, so you can definitely expect one, but we are still putting the finishing touches on it.

And what can your fans do now to help support you in these times?

We are starting to get a lot of people sending through videos of themselves playing our songs which is so cool. As long as people are enjoying the music and listening and staying safe that’s all we can ask for.What have you all been listening to, watching, and reading recently? Any recommendations for us? Any Studio Ghibli movies! Been watching a lot of Louis Theroux and recently Tiger King.  To read Joan Didion “Play it as it lays”.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Go and cook something epic!

The band have rescheduled their tour dates so getting booking – see you in Brighton!

With the sunshine out in these tough times we highly recommend you get listening by following the band on their Twitter @LBitchos and Facebook at Los Bitchos and when this all blows over Tequila shots with us at Hope & Ruin!

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