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Well there is one way to head into the weekend and that is having a dance to Tomode’s new single ‘Destiny No.20’ setting your ears alive with a range of sounds we can’t think of anything better to kick start the weekend! We talked to the Swedish duo behind the track – Viktor and Carl.

Today (26th June) sees the release of your funky 70’s vibing track ‘Destiny No.20’ tells us some more about the track?

V: We started working on the track a few years back, and started with a pop/disco chord progression that I put together at home on the piano. A few weeks later Carl nailed a crazy one-take of the rhythm guitar riff and drummer/bassist Johannes Haglund laid down some classic 4/4 drums and a wonderful bass line. At this point we knew that we had a foundation for something.

After that I don’t really know what happened actually – we worked the track through so many different versions for a few years and finally ended up with Destiny No. 20. The ”No. 20” being both a wink to the fact that we’ve had around twenty or so different versions of the track and also as a little homage to the new decade. Hopefully something good will come out of everything that’s going on.

C: It has been with us for quite some time, I think Viktor sent me an idea of the song he made in Ableton back in 2016. It was a different kind of song back then but the goal was always to make a cheesy disco song. The guitar track that we hear on the song today was actually recorded back then. It was recorded in my dorm room when I used to live in Uppsala. Another fun fact is that the piano is recorded in a church in Stockholm (Sofia Kyrka), there’s really not an element in the song that’s been recorded in the same place. 

With the strange times we have been living in recently have you found it easier to be creative?

C: Sort of! It’s definitely easier now to find the time to make what we want to make, but it also means that we can spend countless hours on EQ’ing a cowbell. 

What can we expect next from you?

V: The next step is to put some finishing touches on our second single ”Autostrada”. It’s an instrumental – more on the side of Todd Terje and Harold Faltermeyer with some classic Italo-vibes. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it! Of course it would be great to start getting some live gigs going during the summer, but with the situation at the moment nothing is guaranteed. We’re hoping for the best and plan on releasing our debut EP next winter!

C: We’re going to release more music. The songs that we are working on right now are quite different from each other, but if you liked this one you will certainly enjoy the rest. Perhaps we will make a music video for Destiny as well and broadcast it on the open channel in Stockholm. 

Whereabouts did you both grow up and what music did you start being influenced by?

V: Growing up in Stockholm, both my parents worked as classical musicians, so there was an instant presence of music at home. Early influences were the classics; Queen, Sting, the Beatles and some fusion which my dad introduced. However, I think the first major mind-blowing moment was hearing ”Digital Love” with Daft Punk – just an incredible track. Then I somehow found Salem al Fakir (Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, now a part of Vargas & Lagola). Still baffles me how good his first album, ”This Is Who I Am” from 2007, is. He did a number of concerts with my dad’s orchestra (the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra) and I remember skipping school to attend all the rehearsals and all the gigs. A while after that Steely Dan just took over.

C: I grew up in Stuvsta, 15 minutes outside of Stockholm if you take the pendeltåg. The most pivotal moment growing up was watching the ending scene from “Muppets in space” when Gonzo’s family land their spaceship on earth and start playing Celebration by Kool & The Gang. I remember asking my dad which song it was and he showed me how to get it off the internet. After that it’s been on a non-stop disco train to boogie wonderland. 

What are one some of your favourite places to visit in Sweden?

V: Good question! For me Skåne (south of Sweden) is really special. Landskrona, the town my dad is from, has this small fishing village called Borstahusen which is like something out of a movie. Look it up, it’s amazing. Recently though, I’ve been introduced to skiing in Sälen which has a nice 80’s vibe to it. 

C: Skåne is pretty great. My family owns a house in Smedstorp which is not too far from the coast. You can visit Kivik, Simrishamn or Ystad and visit the one and only Ales stenar. In Stockholm there’s always Gyrella or systembolaget. 

What have you been watching, listening to, reading recently – have you any recommendations (movies, tv shows, books, podcasts, etc……….. just please don’t say Tiger King)

V: When it comes to watching something it’s always a Louis Theroux documentary. No one can be professionally awkward like him. I was recommended “The Master and Margarita” by a friend, so I’m trying to read through that at the moment. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Swedish stuff actually – Molø (bumping melodic techno friend) and Augustine (falsetto god) are so talented. Of course you can’t forget Louis Cole and Thundercat – these guys are just being insanely creative right now.

C: I’ve been playing Donny Benét’s new album Mr. Experience on repeat since it came out last month. Jonas Lundqvist also released a new song “Dubbla fantasier” which is pretty great. The curling episode of the netflix series Losers is perfection and P3 soul with Mats Nileskär can keep you busy all summer.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

V: Go to Japan when Corona is over!

C: Take a walk down Vallhallavägen. 

Get listening and enjoy the weekend!

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Interview by: Alex Minnis

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