Nordic New Music: Vola Tila

For new music Friday today, first up we meet dreamy Swedish alt-pop duo Vola Tila who release new single ‘Space Out’ today! Hailing from the beautiful West Coast of Sweden, the duo met studying music together back in 2012, and after years of working for other artists, they are now releasing their own debut album coming in early 2021.

Read on for our short and sweet encounter!

Tell us who you are and what’s your sound?

We are no one musically, constantly changing and hopefully, that is our sound, timeless.

What exciting projects have you got coming up?

At the moment we are building our live set and working on new material.

Where did you grow up and what music influenced you?

We grew up on the west coast of Sweden and were influenced by everything from classical music to radio pop. We mostly like anything released pre-year 2000.

What cool places do you recommend to visit in your city (bars, restaurants, etc)?

Good question. If you’re ever in Sweden during summer, make sure to visit the west coast.

We love recommendations – what have you been listening to, watching, or reading recently?

Been listening a lot to Khruangbin, and recently read Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. 

Finally, what was the last thing that made you swear out loud?

Richard when he bumped his knee into a bathtub.

And Johannes while answering a question (getting it wrong) in a game show.

You can keep track of Vola Tila’s work by following their Instagram @vola_tila and check out their Facebook for further information HERE

Interview by Alex Minnis

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