We Meet Man Behind Foreign Drama Streaming Service ‘Walter Presents’

Stuck for your next Nordic Noir fix? Feel like finding something different from the Nordic Region? If anyone can help you with your next TV binge then it’s Walter Iuzzolino, the Italian television producer and man behind the excellent ‘Walter Presents’ – a foreign language TV show streaming service accessible through All4.

Walter Presents is a treasure trove of international drama and comedy shows and it’s perfect for us to use to discover Nordic shows we can’t get elsewhere. You can download the All4 app for free on your computer/games console/TV. If you then search for World drama you will then find all the shows that Walter has carefully curated for the channel, complete with an introduction to the series from the man himself.

So, once you finish this wonderful interview with Walter – loaded with all his excellent recommendations – you now know where to head to get watching! But first, here is Walter…

What Nordic series was the first to catch your attention?

Definitely Borgen. I enjoyed The Killing but Borgen was the first piece of Nordic television that had a really surprising and innovative take on structure, storytelling and subject matter.

In the past, Nordic Noir has been a popular genre from the Nordic regions – do you feel this is continuing to thrive? Are there new Nordic genres emerging?

Because of the huge success of the likes of The Killing and The Bridge, many new detective shows of a similar ilk have since been created. We are now really seeing an uplift in new types of Nordic genres very recently – for example, last year on Walter Presents we released A Very Scandi Scandal which was a charming caper comedy about two older ladies who decide to partake in a bank robbery. I think now that audiences are more familiar with subtitled series, creators have noticed a gap in the market for something more than just crime dramas or police procedurals. 

That being said, there will always be space for Nordic Noirs – it’s something the public never seem to lose their appetite for, and me neither!

What are you some of your current favourite Nordic series on Walter Presents?

This is a tough one as there are so many to choose from, and as you know, Nordic and Scandi are my absolute favourite! I have to mention Before We Die, as this was such a hit for us and is a genuinely thrilling and unstoppable crime series. For your typically dark and snowy detective dramas, this year’s early surprise hit Stockholm Requiem and the fabulous Rebeckah Martinsson would be my personal go-tos – you just can’t go wrong with a tough female cop showing everyone how it’s done.

To wind down I absolutely adore watching Seaside Hotel. This definitely isn’t your typical Nordic series, but that’s what gives it that unique charm, and audiences in the UK and US alike have lapped it up. There are 6 more series of this to come in the UK, so we certainly won’t run out of beachside fun.

Can you share what new shows we might be expecting in Autumn and beyond? Also can you confirm Danish series ‘When The Dust Settles’ is coming to Walter Presents?

We have an incredible slate coming this Autumn – kicking off in September with Walter’s World Tour, celebrating series from the lesser represented countries on UK television. This brings our first African/Senegalese series, Sakho and Mangane, as well as our first ever Russian series Moscow Noir and The Sect – the former starring none other than the wonderful Adam Palsson from Before We Die, actually. It will be exciting to see how UK audiences react, plus it’s the perfect opportunity to travel through your TV as it were, given the current situation!

Later on in the year in October we have a hit Dutch series coming called The Twelve. It won the best screenplay at Cannes and each episode follows the perspective of a different juror on a major murder case – it’s absolutely enthralling and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was our biggest series of the year.

When the Dust Settles is coming to Walter Presents in 2021 – it’s going to shock everyone’s socks off.

Has your fascination with these series ever taken you travelling to their locations? If so where have been some of your favourite spots to visit?

Absolutely – watching international television and Scandi series in particular is hugely inspiring in terms of making me want to visit the places – right before Covid came along I was constantly travelling to the Nordic countries, it may sound cliché but I absolutely adore Copenhagen and Stockholm – and have been hugely impressed by Goteborg (which incidentally has one of the most beautiful Museums of Fine Art I have ever visited in my life!).

Walter Present’s TV Series aside what have you been watching, reading, or listening to recently – any recommendations?

I devour television from all over the world for a living so sometimes I neglect to pay attention to great content from the US and the UK, and have to play catch up… most recently I have fallen in love with a phenomenal American series called Why Women Kill, from the creator of Desperate Housewives Marc Cherry, a dark comedy drama about murders that happened in a lavish Los Angeles house across three different decades. It is a groundbreakingly brilliant piece in terms of storytelling architecture, and the final episode resolved the murder plots in the most exceptional and artistically inventive way I have seen in a long time on mainstream commercial television. A real treat.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

I am a lover of structure and patterns of behaviour, so I am terrible at giving daily tips as everything I like becomes diarised into a regular occurrence… the latest one is: a bowlful of juicy black grapes every afternoon at 4.30pm, to accompany the viewing of a new piece of international drama – nail biting storytelling, and Italian grapes – it always sets me in a fantastic mood.

Click the image to get taken to Walter Presents home page and get ready to start your new Nordic Noir adventure

Interview by Alex Minnis

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