Nordic New Music: Greta

We found ourselves totally immersed into Greta’s synthy dreamscape pop – so much so that we felt we had to find out more about the German (but Copenhagen based) artist’s new album and more. Get ready for some amazing recommendations and make sure you check out her excellent new album!

Tell us who you are and what is your sound

I am GRETA, music and visual artist. My sound is 80s inspired, synthpop. Very dreamy and danceable at the same time. 

What exciting projects have you got coming up?

My Debut album ‘Ardent Spring Part I&II’ was released last week (4th September) and I will be going on my first headliner tour in Denmark. I am also working on new music and travelling a lot to Berlin to work in the studio with my producer FARAO

Where did you grow up and what music influenced you?

I grew up in northern Germany. In my tiny hometown it was only possible to get lessons in classical music and I desperately wanted to play everything, so I learned classical piano, recorder and fagot and was definitely influenced by that. It opened my ears for harmony and melody themes at a very early age and made me start writing my own songs. I also was influenced a lot by my parents and my brothers records. My dads music taste was and still is very open and experimental, but he was the one who introduced me to bands like ABBA, Eurythmics, Enya, Mike Oldfield which had a huge impact on me. My mum was more into rock music like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd which I first caught my interest later in my teenage years. My older brother was all into being a rave goth when I was little and listened to techno all day long which I remember hearing through my wall. 

What cool places do you recommend to visit in your city (bars, restaurants, etc)

I have such a long list because I absolutely love Copenhagen and discover new places all the time. My favourite is a small restaurant called La Banchina, directly by the sea. My favourite thing is to go there by bike very early when no one else is up yet (otherwise it can be super crowded) , take a swim and eat breakfast there. Or watch the sunset. It is the best. My favourite café is KAF, with the best vegan pastry and Matcha Latte ever. I can also recommend almost all of Nørrebro, NV – my hood. So “hyggelig“ = cozy. 

We love recommendations – what have you been listening to, watching, or reading recently?

I can really recommed my producers new band Ultraflex, it is so so so good. Next level sexy absurd sovjet synthpop. Their debut album will be out soon and you should definitely keep an eye on them. Listen to their single “Work Out Tonight” and definitely also their next upcoming single. It will blow your mind. 

I of course want to recommend all of my friends: 

First – my friend Brimheim. Mom – Goth, soft grunge. She just released here second single and there is so much more to come. Such a talented composer and performer and a true master with lyrics.  Check her out, she is amazing! 

Also – my friend Luna’s band Takykardia. Their Debut album will be out soon too and I love how they experiment with different genres and create their own, super interesting sound. My favourite song is “Waving” and you should Check them out. Their live performances are always absolutely next level. 

Lastly- my friend Julie’s band We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself. You should def keep an eye on them in the future. There is so much new exciting stuff coming up. If you like 90’s Synthesizer, Acid Bass and airy vocals  – get ready for this!  Mads and Julie are my dear friends and I also sometimes co-write with them. Check out “Don’t Bother”. 

Finally, what was the last thing that made you swear out loud?

When my whole support tour for faroese artist Teitur which first was cancelled due to covid, then got postponed and now one week before tour start it got cancelled again. Corona, you suck!!!! 

Check out Greta’s most recent music video for ‘Again’ – 80s synthy dreamy wonderness!

Interview by Alex Minnis

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