Uncovering True Crime Stories from the Nordic Region with the Skrim Podcast

Earlier in the year we discovered the brilliant Skrim Podcast – a Scandinavian true crimes focused podcast that unearthes stories from the Nordic region – explains why there is so much ‘Nordic Noir’ inspiration out there!

For those that might not have discovered you yet tell us who you are and what your podcast is about?

We’re two Norwegian girls who have both always had a penchant for crime stories, both real and fictional. We spent years listening to almost everything we could find of true crime podcasts, and realized there were so many interesting cases from Scandinavia and the Nordic countries that just weren’t being talked about in English — more often than not because there isn’t a lot of source material available in languages other than Swedish, Norwegian etc. That’s how this podcast came to be! We cover cases and crimes that either took place in, or have a significant connection to, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and sometimes even Iceland and Greenland! 

Wait! What! We were so sure that Scandinavia and Iceland are the safest places in the world!

Right? We hear that a lot. You’d be surprised by the kind of depravity that can be found in the cold North. Unfortunately, where there are people, there’ll be murder, it seems. 

What is the scariest story you have researched?

It’s hard to pick just one — none of our cases are particularly “fun”, to be fair. Anything to do with mass shootings and school shootings is always grim. Researching the death of Bobby Äikiä (episode 48) was heartbreaking, as it deals with the severe abuse and death of a child, that one definitely stands out. 

On a more lighter note, you are both from Norway – where are your favourite places to visit there?

We’re both from Norway AND both from the west coast, so we’re partial to that area. Having both lived in Oslo, which it can be argued is Norway’s only “real” big city, a trip to the far less busy west coast is always welcome. Sognefjorden (or anywhere along that area) is delightful, and if you catch Bergen  (the rainiest city in Norway) on a sunny day you’re bound to have a lovely time!

Allemannsretten, or the right to roam, is a big plus — you’re free to go on hikes pretty much anywhere you’d like in Norway, which means a lot of beautiful hiking opportunities in some of the world’s most stunning scenery, as long as you remember to treat that scenery with respect!

One of the stunning locations of Allemannsretten (Photo Credit: MAGNUS STRÖM)

What is something you are both looking forward to most when we finally return to some normality?

This isn’t specific to Norway at all, but… hugs. Being able to see friends and family without having to keep a safe distance is what we both miss the most. 

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently during this lock down – any great recommendations?

We actually did a whole bonus episode talking about this, so we have tons of recommendations! Here are some that didn’t make it into that episode. 

A Confession (2019), a crime drama based on true events, as well as season 2 of After Life. Alette’s also been enjoying a book series called Arch of a Scythe, and she’s been delving back into World of Warcraft. 

Ingvild’s new favorite person is Dr. Ruth, so she wants to recommend the 2019 documentary Ask Dr. Ruth. She’s also been big into K-dramas recently, recommends Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class and Hi, Bye Mama. When she’s not crying over those, she’s usually playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Finally, what is your top tip of the day?

Stay home, stay safe and don’t be ignorant. Maybe reach out to people you know may be particularly lonely in these weird times. While grabbing a coffee in person may not be doable, there’s something to be said about a FaceTime coffee date as well. 

Interview by Alex Minnis

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