Thicker Than Water star Joel Spira talks about the show and new movie ‘Orca’

We first discovered the talented Joel Spira in the excellent Thicker Than Water (which currently has seasons one and two on Walter Presents in the UK here), we have since seen him in more TV shows and a couple of movies. Over the year he has been keeping busy so we managed to catch up with the actor after he wrapped another new show!

You have kept yourself very busy recently with work – can we firstly ask you about your involvement with Josephine Bornebusch’s movie ‘Orca’ and a little bit about the movie? 

This was a very special movie! Josephine called me and said she written a script in a few weeks and that we were going to shoot it soon. I got to read it and loved it! For me, It’s about how to cope with life and relationships when you can’t physically be there for each other. We had to shoot it under very special regulations due to the pandemic, which was Josephine’s idea all along. The script was adapted for it. So it was only one actor per day and we had our co-actors on a voice call, acting their lines. The cameras were set up by a small crew. And everybody left the room when the actor went in and shot the scene. It was a very special experience. 

The trailer for Josephine Bornebusch’s Orca which aired recently in Scandinavia on their VIAPLAY channel! Fingers crossed we might get a release over in the UK and beyond.

You are due to appear next on the Mia Hansen-Love’s movie Bergman Island. What was it like working with such as international cast?

It was a bit nervous at first but as always I tend to relax when I get started. It was really nice working with Mia. I find it easier working with a director with such integrity and a vision. It was great! 

What can we expect next from you?

I think the next thing premiering is Top Dog. A series by Viaplay based on Jens Lapidus books. 

You appeared in the brilliant ‘Thicker Than Water’ series – in the UK we are waiting for the third season to be released. What challenges can we be expecting for the Waldemar siblings in this season?

Well it doesn’t get any easier on them. They never get a break. But this season they start having to accept who they are and what they’ve done. Which drags them even further down. It’s really a respectful season character wise. 

The series (Thicker Than Water) was based on Gotland but we believed to be filmed up in Lulea is that correct? Have you any places where you enjoyed filming on location?

Well it is actually based on Åland. But yes there are many locations I loved visiting. But one of my favorite ones is when we went out on the ice and I got to drive a snowmobile right up to the edge. When the camera is far away you feel more undisturbed and in a way closer to your character! I love those moments. 

Where did you grow up in Sweden – have you any favourite places to visit?

I grew up in a Suburb to Stockholm. Just visit anywhere in the archipelago! 

sunset water building evening
Beautiul Stockholm City! Photo by Pixabay on

What have you been listening to, watching, or reading recently which you have been enjoying? Any recommendations for us?

Maybe I am late to it, but I just saw Ozark on Netflix and really enjoyed it! A recommendation could be Good Time. Also Netflix.

Finally, what is your tip for the day?

Stay safe! 

Interview by Alex Minnis

Joel Spira Photo Credit: Markus Gårder

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