Nordic Watchlist Meets: Norwegian star Rune Temte

Alex @ Nordic Watchlist recently had the pleasure of enjoying a long (virtual) Zoom chat with Norwegian actor, Rune Temte. Rune is a face many will recognize from movies such as Eddie The Eagle and Captain Marvel (albeit with him painted blue) – then also from shows such as The Last Kingdom and Fortitude.

Listen below as Rune and Alex have a friendly and entertaining chat about the great filming locations Rune has travelled to (including the mesmerizing Svalbard), the trials and tribulations of filming, trying not to punch Hugh Jackman (complete with a wonderful impression of director Dexter Fletcher), what it is like to be on the cutting room floor and his ‘Viking bootcamp’!

If you are interested in travelling to some of the locations mentioned, including Svalbard or Iceland, then get in touch for information or advice!

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