Three new Nordic shows not to miss this spring

More great Nordic TV shows are coming to our UK screens this spring! Here are our top three…

Deliver Us

(Denmark / Walter Presents on All4 / Out Now)

Deliver Us crept onto Walter Presents in early February and is actually a rather thrilling piece of television to get wrapped up in.

The series follows a group of residents who have been absolutely terrorised by the local psychopath – we aren’t talking about things like smashing windows or stealing cars. We are talking about an absolute psychological assault on everyone and also some poor chickens (you have been warned).

The residents decide enough is enough and plot his murder – only for things to get a lot more out of hand than they had planned.

It has a fantastic cast with the likes of Dar Salim, Anders Juul (whom was also fantastic in The Investigation), and an absolutely menacing performance from Morten Hee Andersen as the town bully Mike.

Some have said they couldn’t bear watching the series because the big bad bully, Mike, was just too much – that in itself is accolade to Morten’s performance and why this show is worth a watch!

Man In Room 301

(Finland / BBC / Released 27th February)

It’s great to see the BBC release it’s first ever Finnish series Man in Room 301. The plot follows the Kurti family as their lives are turned upside down one fateful evening. The show skips to/from location in Finland and then Greece years later where things start to unravel.

There isn’t much more we know and to be honest we have held back from delving too deep into it to avoid any spoilers! But we will be releasing an interview with one of the stars, Eliot Gould (pictured below fleeing from something or someone), next month, so we will be watching as soon as we can!

Man in Room 301 coming soon to BBC (Photo: BBC Pictures)

Mountain Rescue

(Sweden / Walter Presents on All4 / Released 16 March)

If you need a break from dark Nordic Noir as we head into spring then look no further than Mountain Rescue. If you are looking for your slick, edge-of-your-seat crime thrillers then this is definitely not one for you. But for those who fancy a Swedish take on Casualty or Grey’s Anatomy, this is a cute little show to follow.

Based up in the stunning location of Are in Sweden – which is another good reason to watch this because the location is stunning – the series follows a group of characters that work with the mountain rescue team. We have hunky doctors, gorgeous paramedics, and there is bearded eye-candy all over the place.

Having vieweed the pilot episode it looks like it will be fun enough to dive into and follow what stories arcs await each of these characters. There was also a pleasant surprise of a certain memorable character from The Bridge too.

It is also worth noting that anyone out there crazy enough to be trying to learn Swedish then this series is certainly a good way to get more familiar with the words. There is less murder-related jargon being thrown about and everything is at a much slower pace, we are up in the North of Sweden after all!

Got something you are excited to you watch which you think everyone else should be watching? Get in touch and let us know.

Feature by Alex Minnis

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