5 minute Fika: Surfing in Sweden with Sara Roosvall

We discovered Swedish surfer Sara Roosvall after seeing an awesome short film about her, set in Kullaberg in southern Sweden. The video by Shoulder Films shows off this stunning area and Sara enjoying surfing there – something you don’t often associate with Sweden. We caught up for a fika with Sara to find out more – be sure to watch the brilliant video at the end!

What is the story behind you discovering surfing in Sweden?

My sister and I tried surfing while on a family trip in Mexico 10 years ago.

Actually I didn’t get the hang of it during those days haha, I found it very difficult and I was struggling a lot. But a year or so later while visiting my sister at a surf camp in Biarritz (Friends of Aloha) I fell head over heels in love with everything about it. The joy from the people around surfing, the beautiful view of Biarritz and of course the thrill of dancing with the ocean on easier waves. Later on I found swedish surf through friends I had met in Biarritz, bought a thicker wetsuit and headed in whenever we had waves, have chased winds and waves since. Best choice I ever made!! 

How did your paths cross with Shoulder Films to make your short film?

I met my dear friend Axel (aka Eggshell haha) through surf in Sweden years ago! With his work for Nordic Surfers Magazine (NSM) he wanted to make films about what surfers do when not surfing. And so I told him it would be fun if he wanted to come visit and film me around skåne in beautiful Kullaberg. 🙂

Where are some of your favourite places to visit in Skane and Sweden’s Southern Region?

KULLABERG! I haven’t been around that much since I grew up in Stockholm and my mom just moved down here, but I live close to kullaberg and it’s amazing. We spent some summers in Kullaberg when I was little and it has been close to my heart ever since then, for about 20 years. The thing I love the most is that it’s located on the westcoast. Because you have the sunset deluxe, saltwater with such a diverse (diverse to be in Sweden) marine wildlife with harbour porpoises, kelp, predatory birds, seals etc. and that it’s closer to other european countries.

Söderåsen is also very pretty!

What is your favourite coffee & cake?

Double cappuccino with oooh anything with chocolate, yumm!

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