Meet Malin Barr: Swedish star of new horror movie ‘Honeydew’

It has been a while since we dipped our toe back into the horror world, but something that we did catch our attention is the incredibly creepy looking Honeydew which is released today! The movie has Swedish star Malin Barr acting alongside Sawyer Spielberg (yes he is related to Steven!) as they get involved in a messed up nightmare in the countryside. Check out a great review of the movie from the Live For Film team.

Malin will also be appearing in the next movie from up and coming talent Jim Cummings – the star and director of the excellent Thunder Road film! Whilst we tend to focus on Nordic movie directors and locations, it is great to see this Swedish actress getting involved in some wonderful indie hits across the pond in the USA! Find out more about Honeydew in our interview with Malin…

Honeydew is due out on streaming platforms now – it looks creepy as hell – what can you tell us about it?

What I’ll tell you it’s a treat’s coming your way!

It’s a super creepy film for sure with both unsettling and quirky twists! I can’t say that horror movies generally have ever been my favourite type of genre, however the first time I read the script for Honeydew by the brilliant writer and first time director Devereux Milburn, I knew I wanted to work on it. It’s a sharp, peculiar and at points humorous take on an Hansel and Gretel-type of story with strange edginess both in the script and characters, as well as the editing and music.

I also love that it’s somewhat a nightmarish comment on America’s food chain. I can’t wait to see what Dev’s got coming up next and hope we’ll get a chance to work together again in the future!

Things might be getting a bit weird – Honeydew (Photo Credit: Dan Kennedy)

There is quite a lot of focus on the fact Steven Spielberg’s son Sawyer is acting in it – what was it like to work with him?

He’s a great guy and we had a great time on set! From day one we had a great chemistry and creating our characters Riley and Sam was a blast. We had almost every single scene of every day on set together so we became very close. I also persuaded Sawyer to go on runs in the mornings before set, which he mostly enjoyed. It didn’t continue as much after we switched to nightshoots . (haha) 

You’ve also got a movie you are starring in directed by the talented Jim Cummings – what was that like and were you familiar with his work?

I’ve been a fan of Jim’s for a while now. I loved his film Thunder Road and was stoked to get the chance to work with him in The Best Test, which is premiering at Berlinale 2021. Jim’s a really funny and brilliant guy and writer/director and working with him on set was exactly that. Funny and brilliant. He and the crew of Vanishing Angle are all fantastic creatives and individuals and I can’t wait to work together with them soon again.

Another fun fact was that I got to play against my partner and actor Christian Hillborg in the film, which was a first. We play a Swedish couple! 

What else have you got planned for 2021?

I have a few projects pending in Sweden and the US, nothing I can talk about yet, but hopefully soon. There’s been a lot of changes this year due to the pandemic and I’m learning more than ever to be ready for whatever might come my way and just accept the present as it is.  I’m also writing a lot and hope to finish my own feature film script this year. Wish me luck!

Malin Barr (Photo Credit: Mattias Lindback)

Whereabouts did you grow up in Sweden and where are some of you favourite places to visit when you return there (whether that is parts of Sweden’s , restaurants, etc).

I grew up in a place called Spånga, just outside of Stockholm. It was a lovely place to grow up, however I started going to Adolf Fredrik’s School of Music in the city at 10 years old. I love to come back to Stockholm and when I do I usually hang out in Söder.

Some of my favourite spots are: Reimersholme in the summer for a picnic or swim, Bio Rio (A fantastic cinema and restaurant) for a coffee in the spring sun,  Rutabaga by Mathias Dahlgren (brilliant restaurant if you’re vegan like I am or want to try it out). I also love visiting our summerhouse in the Stockholm Archipelago. There’s nothing better than Swedish summer!

Finally, what was the last thing you read, watched, and listened to? Any recommendations?

I’m currently reading the book The Art of Adaptation: Turning Fiction into Film by Linda Seger. It’s great if you’re looking to write an adaption or screenplay. (hah)

The last show I watched was Lupin on Netflix, which I absolutely loved. I’m a big fan of Omar Sy’s and I can highly recommend it! Also the film Babyteeth by Shannon Murphy. A beautiful, humorous and melancholic portrait of a teenager dying of cancer- a must see. I could go on for ages…I watch so much film! Also Coming to America 2 if you’re a fan?

For the trailer fans out there here is what to expect with Honeydew – be warned it is a creepy as hell and those who don’t want to spoil any surprises steer clear and get watching the movie now on VOD

Interview by Alex Minnis / Photo Credits: Mattias Lindback and Dan Kennedy (film screenshots)

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