Nordic New Music: Linn Koch-Emery

To someone who has not heard your music before how would you best describe it? 

Dynamic, personal and modern guitar-indie. Melodic, big, funny and emotional. 

Your new album ‘Being the girl’ is finally released – tell us about what your approach was in terms of the theme of the album? 

I never been able to write about anything else then what’s going on inside my head. So the theme is strictly personal, maybe on the edge of narcissistic. 

Where did you grow up in Sweden and what do you cite as some of your main influences to your sound growing up? 

I grew up in a town on the east coast called Norrköping. Growing up I listened to a lot of 90s and 00s rock and indie like Strokes, Oasis, Mazzy Star, Libertines, Daniel Johnston and such. 

What is going on inside her head? Check out Linn’s new album ‘Being a Girl’ which is OUT NOW!

Have you any favourite places to escape to and get away from it all?  

I fall asleep or daydream when I want to escape. I’m really good at falling asleep at loud and noisy places like airports and tour buses. It’s a talent I developed as a kid and it comes in real handy now as well.

It’s been a difficult time this past year, what can fans of your music do to support you? 

Tell me what your favorite song is on the record in my IG dm, listen to it when you’re sad or happy and when this is all over – buy a ticket to a concert and give me a hug when we meet? 

With the album now released what is next for you? 

Next album, new songs baby! But first I’m crossing my fingers I can tour this album and get to play these songs live. 

Finally – what is the last movie or TV Series you watched, book you read, and album you listened to? What should be watching, listening to or reading? 

Last TV series: Easy Money on Netflix. Been a big deal over here in Sweden since it’s one of our first swedish Netflix-productions, I think pretty much every Swede has seen it in the past month. Last book: A book called “Samlade verk” (“Collected works”) by Swedish author Lydia Sangren. It’s still quite new so not sure it’s been translated or released in more languages yet but hopefully. Album: Girl in Red – “if I could make it go quiet”,  I did an interview with her for Swedish television a few weeks ago, an absolutely brilliant album. Recommend it to everyone! When it comes to TV series I think everyone should watch “Fleabag” or just anything with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

Interview by Alex Minnis

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