Nordic New Music: NÜ FIONA

It is a new month and time for some more Nordic New Music – this time we discover Nu Fiona and get to speak to one of the bands members, Malte, about their new single ‘For the Ones I Love’ which is released today.

For those that may not have discovered your music yet how would you best describe your sound?

We usually describe our music as somewhere in the vicinity of indie/folk pop. 

Our press text says “an old folk vinyl stained with coffee floating on fluffy clouds” hehe.. 

I guess at the core we have the fantastic songs that Izabelle writes with her guitar and voice. 

Then we combine that with Tulda’s tight harmonies and airy violin. Jonathan’s light but groovy drums and my quite versatile double bass playing style. 

Who is responsible for what in the group?

We usually take turns taking responsibility for the boring bureaucratic things hehe!

But Izabelle or “Izze” as we call her started the band and writes the songs, she is our core and spirtual leader. Tulda is the caring Mother with the musical mastermind, she whips out four harmonies for the chorus in her sleep. Jonathan, our drummer, is the joker, always positive and funny! He is also like a robot when it comes to working hard.  And me the bassplayer writing, i guess i’m kind of the planner of things. But also the first one to take a break and see that we are relaxed. 

Tell us about the new music you are releasing today and what comes next?

Izzes own words about the single:

”For the ones I love” is a song that sailed down from the sky, like a clear message from someone. After a dear friend passed on, the lack of her physical presence was very painful to accept and many people were shaken as their worlds turned upside down. But she is a loyal soul, always have been, ready to do all that it takes to bring the good vibes for the people around her. After leaving her human shape, her presence was still here in some way, staying close by to all the people that she loves. Doing what she does the best –  Lifting, nourishing, laughing and loving”

For the Ones I Love is a song that Izze brought to the band after her friend had passed to the next life. We were all very moved by the song and decided to work on it.  We hardly had to work on the arrangement at all, it just fell into place directly. Like it was supposed to come to us at exactly that time. The song is very much based on the string section flowing like a waterfall, with big drums rumbling in the distance. When we were jamming it in the rehearsals we quickly realized that double bass and violin would not be enough strings, we needed something in the middle. So we called our good friend and amazing cellist Alexandra Nilsson to join us in the studio, which really lifted the song to the next level! She is such an inspiring musician! 

We recorded two more songs in that session with the great technician and producer Petter Eriksson. The next single is planned to be released in august, and in september we will release the third together with the two singles as a small EP and go on a tour round southern sweden for two weeks!

Whereabouts from Sweden are you from and what do you love about it there?

We all met 15 years ago in highschool in Halmstad at the west coast of Sweden, and have stayed friends and played in different constellations since then. Jonathan is born and raised in the forest outside a very small little town called Unnaryd straight east from Halmstad. Many of our friends moved here after high school and it has grown to be a fantastic community of people sharing the same interest of a sustainable life, farming, handicraft and arts. This is the place where we live and create. Its a place where dense pine trees meets hundreds of small lakes, and where a lot of creative people work together to create so much inspiring stuff! Every summer we create a festival called “Into the woods Sweden” where everybody pitches in with their specific set of skills, be it woodworking, building, music or you name it! You should check it out!#

For fans of your music, what is the best thing they can do to support you right now?

Well, we would love it if you follow us on social media and show your support by sharing our music as much as possible. Also in general, go see all the concerts you can when they start coming back again. So many musicians, arrangers, and technicians really need to get back to work now. 

Finally, what was the last book you read, film (or TV show) you watched, and album you listened to?

Izze and Tulda don’t have time to watch movies, they watch their vegetables grow instead..

Jonathan and me ( Malte ) are mostly watching the Wintergatan YouTube channel to see the Marble Machine X come alive. 

The album on repeat right now is Slutte og byne by the Norwegian band Valkyrien Allstars, released last year. It is such a masterpiece.

Fascinated by this Marble Machine X – so were we – here is example of what Jonathan and Malte have been watching!

Interview by Alex Minnis

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