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New Nordic TV shows and films coming to the UK this autumn

Get ready as we round up some great TV shows and films that we have been told are on their way to our screens in the UK this autumn…


When the Dust Settles | 11 September
(Walter Presents)

This series was a huge hit in Denmark and we are so delighted to hear that we can finally get to see the series ourselves in September. Spread over ten episodes the series tells the story of eight characters whose lives interweave after a horrendous terrorist attack in Copenhagen.

The series has a different approach, telling the very strong character- driven story by showing the tragic events first and then taking a step back to days before and then days after. It is a narrative that has helped give depth to the key characters involved.

The series features Jacob Lohmann who is certainly flavour of the month as he lead Danish thriller Shorta (Enforcement in the UK) which you can read about further down!

The Hunt for a Killer | 4 September
(BBC 4)

Rather than hear from us about this brilliant new series – why not hear from one of the lead stars Lotten Roos, who plays Detective Monica Olhed and who we got to speak to earlier in the year (interview out next month):

The Hunt For a Killer‘ takes place in the ’90s and tells the story about detectives and their work solving some tragic crimes. Unlike The Bridge and Wallander, this is based on actual events. I play detective and interrogator Monica Olhed. She is solving some complex murder cases lead by Per-Åke Åkesson, played by Anders Beckman

– Lotten Roos who plays Detective Monica Olhed

This series has a very sleek look to it and after the excellent The Investigation earlier in the year, which also focused on a true crime, we are really excited to see what this series has to offer. It has already picked up nominations at Sweden’s Kristallen awards for Best Drama!

Inner Circle | TBC
(Walter Presents)

We have also had news of the Swedish series Inner Circle coming to Walter Presents which takes us on more a political ride as we follow David Ehrling (Niklas Engdahl) a man who will stop at nothing to become Prime Minister. The show also has the fantastic Nanna Blondell (Red Dot)!

The series has received rave reviews and looks like it will be an absolute blast! There is no exact release date yet, but we are confident that we should expect this to be out in September and bearing in mind it has already been released over in the US and Canada last year we are hopeful it will arrive very soon!

The trailer for The Inner Circle coming soon to Walter Presents!


JJ+E | 8 September

Away from the murky worlds of true crime and terrorism comes Netflix’s JJ+E, an adaptation from Mats Wahl’s award winning book. A teenage love story of two college students from different sides of the tracks falling in love. We have heard and read it all before, but it will no doubt look and sound fresh with it stemming from Sweden – particularly with the production quality Netflix is driving into their series and movies where they haven’t really missed a beat yet.

The cast are young and mainly unknown with actors Elsa Ohrn and Mustapha Aarad playing the leads. The show also includes the likes of the brilliant Magnus Krepper (Queen of Hearts), Simon Mezher (Caliphate), and the singer songwriter Loreen (Eurovision).

Mustapha Aarab as John John and Elsa Öhrn – Photo: Johan Paulin

Shorta / Enforcement | 3 September
(Cinemas and VOD)

We might have already mentioned a million times how much we loved Shorta,! We interviewed the great Jacob Lohman from the movie (and who also stars in When the Dust Settles), and are releasing another interview with the young star of the movie Tarek Zayat next month.

The film finally gets a release (under the new name of Enforcement in the UK) in the cinemas and VOD and this one comes strongly recommended for fans of intense thrillers.

Fans of Nordic action movies know that it is not always wall-to-wall action every five minutes – this movie builds up with pace, tension, and beyond the violence in it there is a lot being laid on to think about.

There will be plenty more coming out and be available to watch with the likes of Riders of Justice now available on VOD (since 24th August), Ninjababy and Flee will be released on Curzon which is REALLY exciting news – and we will finally see the release of Another Round so on DVD so we can watch it all over again and master our dancing skills! Keep following us to find out more!

Feature by Alex Minnis

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