Lotten Roos talks about new Swedish true-crime series ‘The Hunt for a Killer’

Autumn is coming and along with it will be a host of new TV series to get stuck into! Starting this week with the much-awaited Swedish true crime series The Hunt For a Killer, starting on BBC4 on Sept 4. Based on shocking true events that happened in the 80s and 90s, the drama follows the detectives determined to catch who is responsible for these chilling crimes.

Back in June, we spoke with Swedish actress Lotten Roos about the series and what role she would be playing. [there are no spoilers in this interview.]

NW: Lotten, you have appeared in a couple of the classic Nordic Noir’s, including Wallander and The Bridge – what makes your new series The Hunt For a Killer different from these shows?

LR: ‘The Hunt For a Killer‘ takes place in the ’90s and tells the story about detectives and their work solving some tragic crimes. Unlike The Bridge and Wallander, this is based on actual events.

In that sense, it was tough, serious, and touching material to work with. I got a lot of assistance from the real Monica Olhed, whom I got to know during the research and filming process.

Photo Credit: Saerun Hrafnkelsdottir Noren

NW: What character do you play in the series?

LR: I play detective and interrogator Monica Olhed. She is solving some complex murder cases led by Per-Åke Åkesson, played by Anders Beckman. Monica, as a character, is a hard-working, uncompromising, and very dedicated person. It was an honor to epitomize and humanize her in the TV series.

Meet the team: Pelle (ANDERS BECKMAN), Monica (LOTTEN ROOS), Erik (HAKAN BENGTSSON) – (C) Yellow Bird – Photographer: Carolina Romare

NW: Were you familiar with the story before being cast?

LR: Yes, since the TV series is based on actual events, I was familiar with it. In addition, I was raised in a small village not far from where it all took place.

Villages in search of Helene outside at dawn – (C) Yellow Bird – Photographer: Carolina Romare

NW: What have you got planned next?

LR: Right now, I am playing the lead role in a newly written radio drama for the Swedish Radio Drama. This summer, I am shooting a TV series and start rehearsals at the Malmö City Theatre.

NW: Finally, what have you been watching, reading, or listening to recently, which you would recommend?

LR: I’ve been reading a novel written by Alexander Karim: The Extraordinary telling about Jonas Paulsson’s Sudden Death. Ha-ha, great title!

I love watching British TV shows – Line of Duty and Scott & Bailey. Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp from Scott & Bailey are some of my favourite actors, inspiring me a lot!

I also listen to many radio documentaries, podcasts, often connected to character work I do; it’s a part of the work as an actor that I love; to dig into new stories, learn about occupations, politics, and arts through history. Finally, listening to music is a daily thing; I often find inspiration in music connected to finding the right energy.

Interview by Alex Minnis

Portrait Photo Credits: Saerun Hrafnkelsdottir Noren / Series Photo Credits: BBC Pictures

The Hunt For A Killer hits BBC 4 and BBC Iplayer from the 4th of September

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