Nordic New Music: døssing

The nights are beginning to get that little bit longer but some of us are still enjoying a late blast of sunshine – what better way than to settle down and listen to the excellent Danish trio døssing who are signed on Danish record label BlikFlak

For someone who may not have discovered your music yet how would you describe your sound?

The sound is loungey, charming and cinematic instrumental jazz with a little hint of mysticism. The three of us have a broad variety of influences from both American, UK and Nordic artists such as Christian Scott, Nubya Garcia, Yussef Dayes and Jan Johansson

Whereabouts are you based and what are some of your favourite hangouts or places to visit?

We are based in Aarhus, Denmark, the “smallest big city in the world”. It’s the second largest city in Denmark and has a really vibrant cultural life. It’s booming with venues and organizations making small and big events. One of our favorite places is Soulitate Chaibar located at the old industrial south harbour just next to our studio, a small bar serving Indian chai and hosting events.

Alsoe we are big fans of the organization ‘det turkise telt‘ and everything they organize of events and gatherings. Det turkise telt have just won an open call for taking over a bigger venue for jazz, roots & hybrid music etc. and that’s really worth following! Otherwise check out Godsbanen, a vibrant container-village booming with music, dancers, artists and people with good ideas. 

Talk to us about the brilliant live sessions you worked on – where did the idea and concept come about?

The idea came in the middle of a recording session of our latest single All Inclusive. We had to find a name for the song and agreed on that it had this vibe of just having a really good chill at a pool with a drink and all the time in the world for enjoying it.

From there the picture of a hotel called All Inclusive started building up this whole universe of mystical characters, rooms and how the life in this hotel would be. Most of our music is instrumental so it is very funny to make a story from it and let it grow. We all really like the movie Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson, so we wanted to create a musical spin-off in a similar universe.

We teamed up with our friends from SYNKRON media, and luckily it was their favourite instructor and had the same dream of making something inspired by that movie too, so it was love at first sight. Now all we do in making new music and our live shows are centred around this fictitious hotel, it is a very good way of creating a common place for us to create stories to the music. 

How has 2021 been for døssing so far and what have you got lined up next?

It’s been a really funny year! One year ago we didn’t have any plans on doing else than just make music as siblings as we did when we were kids in the living room, but since we opened the door to the public it has developed into being a bigger project with an upcoming album coming out in February 2022 on the label BlikFlak, a jazz-short film project with SYNKRON taking place at the fictitious hotel All Inclusive and a bunch of live shows around Denmark. 

What was the last; tv show or movie you watched, book you read, and album you listened to?

Always a good laugh watching The Office or the new season of Rick And Morty.

Just listened to an old school classic by Bob Marley – Exodus, it’s such a well made record with a big influence…

Also there’s a new Moroccan band taking over europe these years called Bab’L’Bluz. They released their debut album, Nayda!, earlier this year and is really worth checking out! 

Interview by Alex Minnis

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