Meet Cop Secret’s badass Vivian Ólafsdóttir

Cop Secret is building some more international momentum as it plays alongside its Icelandic counterpart Lamb at this year’s BFI London International Film Festival.

We spoke to actress Vivian Ólafsdóttir who tells us about her role in the film and what further projects she has coming up.

Cop Secret has been doing the rounds in the international film festivals – what can you tell us about the film?

Cop Secret is an action-comedy with some serious stuff underneath. It makes fun of all these iconic action movies with all their outdated stereotypes, toxic masculinity, and weak female roles. Cop Secret sends a strong message to the world and does it with a lot of action, love, and fun.

Photo Credit: Jonatan Gretarss

You play a badass named Stefania – how did you get prepared for your role?

Well, being a badass comes pretty naturally to me. When we were rehearsing for the action scenes, I started to work as Stefanía right away. It’s easy to feel like a badass when you are being trained to kick some ass and look cool doing it.

Hannes knew exactly what he wanted and gave me really good directions and our makeup artist Flóra Karítas Buenano did a hell of a job creating this character with me. Stefanía is a cliché like most characters in this movie and creating her was a lot of fun.

We have to ask how you managed to keep a straight face with Björn Hlynur Haraldsson’s performance as the bad guy Rikki – how much fun was it working on set?

My God, Björn killed the set so many times, people had a hard time focusing on their job because of him. He’s a very talented actor with a strong presence and he really owned Ricki. We all had a blast working as these crazy characters and the energy in the whole cast and crew was so positive and fun, we laughed a lot!

What have you got planned next?

The next movie where I have one of the main roles has its world premiere now at the Austin Texas Film Festival and it’s called It Hatched. It’s a dark comedy horror movie that’s basically a love letter to the old 70-80 horror movies. I play the role of Mira, a German psychologist married to Pétur, who’s Icelandic. They move to Iceland from the USA to start a new life in an old house that’s full of old secrets and of course, bad things happen. 

Another movie coming out next year called AxlaBjörn, where I play Þórdís, the role of AxlaBjörns wife, who was a serial killer in Iceland in 1600, a true story. 

I’m also acting in some Icelandic series ( Black Sands, Freacters) that are coming out soon.

We are incredibly excited to see Vivian’s next feature It Hatched!

Finally, what have you been watching, reading, and listening to recently – what are your best recommendations?

I mostly watch garbage, I haven’t read anything for myself in years and I listen to brainless podcasting. That’s my life right now as a single mother of 4 kids, which I do not recommend lol. 

Interview by Alex Minnis

Portrait B/W Image Photo Credit: Jonatan Gretarss

Cop Secret should be coming to UK Cinemas and VOD in 2022 – we’ll keep you posted as soon as it is released and where you can watch it

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