Nordic New Music: Denmark’s Lasse Matthiessen

The first piece of Lasse’s music I discovered was the beautiful ‘When We Collided – his voice was so unique and I totally fell in love with the track. It has been four years since the release of that EP but Lasse is finally back and following up his previous singlesReed andDancing With Airwith his new track ‘Rome‘.

Nordic Watchlist: You are back releasing music and this is your third single – tell us about the new track?

LM: I would describe my new track ‘Rome as an indie electro-pop song.

On ‘Rome I have worked very intensely to push myself and put myself in situations where musically I would not normally feel good. An example is a chorus in ‘Rome‘ which is just my voice alone with a heavy, pumping sub-bass. If you had asked me two years ago if I would have written songs like that, I would have laughed at you and said no. Now I love it.

Musically, the song is built close around analogue synthesizers and my baryton voice and how at the end of the song distant noisy acoustic drums come in the song and for a short moment.

The textual universe, one might say, is kaleidoscopic. One turns the kaleidoscope and sees the singer’s memory from Rome in two different: When he experienced it and when he looked back and he is somehow present in it again. The memory is spun around one night, a random rave party in the catacombs and…

NW: If one had not discovered your music how would you best describe it to them?

LM: If I was to describe my music to somebody who hadn’t heard it before, I would tell them about my baryton voice and how I sing in the low register.

I would tell them about how I try to incorporate the themes and melancholy of my folky and singer-songwriter background with a modern synthesizer and beat-based aesthetics. Leaving the acoustic guitar out of it and replacing it with Moog sub-bass.

NW: What might we expect from you in 2022?

LM: In 2022 I will go on realise tour – the first part in Germany is announced and more concerts will follow – and later in the year I will release music that I am currently working on with my Swedish producer Joakim Buddee.

NW: You are from Denmark originally – where do you reside now and what are some of your favourite places to visit there?

LM: I am from Denmark, from Copenhagen, the area called Nørrebro. It used to be a working-class area but it’s changed a lot and you can some a great mixture of people with different backgrounds, old Danish pubs and great restaurants with food from all over the world. And still, it remains the neighbourhood where I grew up.

I live both in Berlin and in Nørrebro and I would recommend going to Nørrebro for a bit the true Denmark.

Nørrebro is a recommended spot by Lasse to visit in Copenhagen (Photo Credit: VISIT COPENHAGEN)

NW: We also see you are doing a bit of touring – tell about what shows you have coming up

LM: First of all, I have shows coming up in January and February all over Germany. Having been living in Berlin for some years, also speaking German fluently, I have toured quite a lot in Germany and have a fan base there. Later in the year, I will tour in Scandinavia and if all goes well also some concerts in the UK. 

NW: What was the last TV Series or Film you watched, book your read, and album you listened to?

LM: The last book I read was from the Norwegian author Per Pettersen called Out Stealing Horses. It is amazing. It describes places in Norway and life being lived there in the fifties so clear and true that you want to go there right away.

The last song I listened to was Bayuk – 200 Miles

Watch Lasse’s new music video for Rome – directed by visual artist SLØR

Interview by Alex Minnis

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