Okay, get ready, 2022 is almost upon us and we simply couldn’t wait to tell you what series are coming your way as there is plenty to get excited about!

So get your calendars ready and prepare to be overwhelmed by a tidal wave of new Nordic titles to binge watch your way through. It is worth noting that schedules can change but as it stands these are the current release dates.

We will also continue to update this page during the course of the year to keep you informed of new shows being added so make sure you bookmark the page to refer back to.

Anxious People
Netflix | 29th December

We squeezed this series in as one to watch before the year’s end. An adaptation of a Fredrik Backman book, who is also the genius behind such books that also became films as A Man Called Ove and Britt Marie Was Here as well as the Beartown TV Series (still waiting for that one HBO!)

Those familiar with his work will know already that we are in for a treat and given the track record of Netflix’s series this year we are excited to see the year end with another wonderful series.

So what is it all about? As with most of Backman’s books, it is very character heavy, and this series sees a group of people put into a hostage situation by a bank robber. But who really is the hostage? And where are they now? Expect comedy and, given track his record, tears before bedtime.

The hostages who suddenly become suspects – find out the mystery in Netflix’s new series Anxious People

Walter Presents | 9th January

Walter Presents is back with a bang and to start it off we have the Norwegian series Outlier. For those that are still engaged with their Nordic Noir mysteries this should certainly keep you entertained as we see criminology student Maja get involved with a child abduction case. The police have their suspect but Maja is adamant they have the wrong guy.

The series is filmed in Northern Norway so expect some spectacular scenery to go with the list of suspects and eight episodes for the story to unfold.

Netflix | 27th January

Now we might have got a little too excited too soon with this one as there has only been a Danish trailer so far and it is unclear whether there is a UK release (we are waiting to hear), but just in case it is worth keeping this on your radar as there is a brilliant cast involved and it is something a little different too – could we perhaps be entering Sci-Fi Noir?

Targeted at a more YA audience (but lets face it so was Young Royals and many other series and we still loved them!) This sees a teenager’s life turned completely upside down when she realises that everything she thought was true was wrong. The series is built around a meteorite that might, or might not have, hit her town when she was a child.

The cast boasts some great names including Andrea Heick Gadeberg who was fantastic in Riders of Justice. Watch this space as we find out more in the New Year!

Cry Wolf
Walter Presents | 30th January

Cry Wolf was a huge hit over in Scandinavia last year and now the Danish series is finally making its way to a UK audience and we are delighted! The series have been around since last year and there has been exciting buzz around it – in particular with the performance of Flora Ofella Hofmann Lindahl, a name you might recognise after we discussed with director Tea Lindeburg who cast her in her film As In Heaven.

Flora plays Holly who has raised alarm in her school after an essay she has written details abuse from her stepfather – is it true? Can she be trusted? Social worker Lars Madsen (played by Danish star Bjarne Henriksen) is called in to investigate and find out who is really telling the truth.

We are hooked on that premise alone (anyone else get serious The Hunt vibes?!)

Vikings Valhalla
Netflix | 27th February

We might have sailed a little off course from our usual suggestions but it is worth keeping an eye out for this series as it is set 100 years after the Viking series that was such a huge success on the History Channel (and Amazon Prime). The new series follows a new story of characters including Leif Erikson and William The Conqueror!

Much like the series before it has a host of actors from all over the world BUT our interest is piqued when we see the likes of Iceland’s Johannes Haukur Johannesson and Sweden’s Frida Gustavsson. We are almost certain many more faces will appear from the Nordic Region as we note that season one is a whopping 24 episodes so plenty of room for lots of characters to join in!

Leif in Netflix’s new Vikings Valhalla series (Photo Credit: BERNARD WALSH/NETFLIX © 2021)

The Truth Will Out – Season 2
Walter Presents | 13th February

The Truth Will Out returns to Walter Presents with its second season. The first series ended quite shockingly – though our lips are sealed if you haven’t seen it yet. Here it opens with more challenges for Detective Peter Wendell as he finds himself smothered in more conspiracies and murder after a friend is found shot dead.

For those new to the series you might recognise the detective from the recent series The Unlikely Murderer, the actor is Robert Gustafsson who is well known for his previous comedic roles but turns things up to a more serious notch here.

Snow Angels
Walter Presents | 13th March

As if this all wasn’t enough, we are set to get even more award-winning television from Walter Presents as Snow Angels finally comes to our screens. This series has been on our radar for an incredibly long time and Alex spoke with its lead star Josefin Asplund back in the summer of 2021 in anticipation of the series being released – you can read that interview HERE.

Josefin gives us an idea of what the series is about:

So the whole plot line is that a five-week old baby is missing and I play the mother of the baby. She is quite a complicated character, she is vulnerable and is showing signs of having an addiction to sedatives. Sleeping so hard at night that she has no idea what is going on.

Then she wakes up one morning and her baby is gone and the story is told in a non-chronological order – it starts when the baby is missing and trips back to what happened before the disappearance, and so on.

We can’t tell you how excited we are that Walter Presents has got hold of this – now to patiently wait for March!

Josefin Asplund is in alsorts of trouble as infant child goes missing in Walter Present’s Snow Angels


Netflix | 5th May

We are delighted to hear that Clark is finally coming to Netflix in May and this particular series has been really high up on our watchlist.

To start with you have one incredible cast that includes the likes of Bill Skarsgaard (pictured below), Alicia Agneson (Vikings), Vilhelm Blomgren (Midsommar), Alexander Karim (The Lawyer) and many more recognisable faces – it is also directed by Jonas Akerlund who did the brutal but brilliant Lords of Chaos movie!

The series focuses on the Sweden’s most prolific gangster – Clark Olofsson – and tells the story from his early years and leading to the present day. It is Olofsson who is apparently responsible for the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ so it will be fascinating to see his life story brought to life and how such a famous phrase was created.


Neflix | 2nd June

The big news is that Borgen is back! After a long hiatus the series, which some might argue to be one of the most biggest Danish series out there, returns to a worldwide audience in June!

The new series brings in some fresh new faces which include the likes of Magnus Millang (Another Round), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (The Chestunut Man), and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (The Rain) they join a lot of returning faces as we follow the stories of both our two female lead characters Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen), and Katrine Fønsmark’s (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen).

It will be almost nine years since season three finished and it is worth noting a recap of the series is possible on Netflix so you can catch up to speed with the show and all your favourite faces.

Borgen is back and brought along some new faces too! (Photo Credit: Netflix)

It’s likely that more series will pop up as we haven’t heard a peep yet from BBC4 which tends to bring some great Nordic series in the early part of the year (last time we had The Investigation and The Man from Room 301), but we should expect season 2 of Wisting!

Then there is a small matter of seeing the new Trapped, where we all still have to wait with baited breath – and who knows, we might even finally see further Icelandic offerings with The Minister and Sisterhood too!

Alex will be speaking with Olafur Darri Olafsson in the new year about Trapped and more!

Which ones are you most excited about?

Feature by Alex Minnis