Nordic Flavours of the Month: January

Well here we are in 2022 and already a month in and sharing our Nordic Flavours of the Month. This year, this segment will feature a few extra recommendations each month with the inclusion of books, music videos, and albums, along with the usual film and TV recommendations. So here’s what we’ve been enjoying this January:

Cold Lunch (Netflix)

With most of the big Nordic releases coming next month, we decided to suggest something that is actually quite an old Norwegian film – however we have good reason to.

2008’s Cold Lunch could be best described as a Norwegian Magnolia, but one should take that association with a pinch of salt – there are no raining frogs, but there is peculiar sequence involving seagulls.

The film itself is overall pretty peculiar as it follows the lives of some pretty despicable people, bar the wonderful Ane Dahl Torp’s Leni (here sporting red hair and bleached eyebrows) who brings some innocence to a myriad of distasteful characters.

Its opening sequence will test whether you want to join their journey or not (you have been warned). Fans of Aksel Hennie (The Trip) will also spot what a wonderful head of hair he is sporting!

The film is directed by Eva Sørhaug and it is her debut feature. Her name might ring some bells because she is behind directing three episodes of the current, and much talked about TV show, Yellowjackets! Perhaps fans of the US TV show might see some similar themes in her debut here.

Other movies to keep an eye out for would be Wildland that has made it onto MUBI and everyone really should be made aware that Joachim Trier’s Reprise is still on NETFLIX!

Anxious People

Anxious People started on Netflix just as the year was ending but we have finally had time to watch it and it is most certainly another gem on the streaming channel that just keeps on giving new content.

Though the series steers very differently to the book, it still takes hits you with plenty of emotional punches and subtle humour.

The cast is a fantastic assortment of talented stars bringing these awkward characters to life.

Cry Wolf – Hans Rosenfeldt

January’s book of the month has had A LOT of publicity and rightly so. I mean the solo debut of the man behind The Bridge (Bron/Broen) and Marcella was never going to be anything other than an instant classic was it!?

Set in Northern Sweden in the town of Haparanda, the book begins with the finding of human remains inside a dead wolf. The remains are linked to a drug deal gone horribly wrong in neighbouring Finland (involving both the Finns and the Russians) and, whilst the body soon turns up, the drugs and money are nowhere to be found.

Detective Hannah Wester is tasked with investigating exactly what’s going on but she’s not alone in doing so. A Russian assassin named Katja has also been dispatched to Haparanda with slightly less above board orders. Her role is twofold; recover the drugs and kill whoever stole them. What follows turns this previously quiet border town on its head. Booktrib described Cry Wolf as, ‘Dark yet engaging; intricate yet simple; and overall, a truly thrilling ride’ and whilst I’d love to be able to, I’m not sure I can pay it any greater compliment than that. A must read for lovers of the genre.

Interesting author fact – In his younger days Hans Rosenfeldt briefly worked as a sea lion trainer at BoråsDjurpark!


Ever since we first discovered Brimheim a couple of years ago we have been huge fans of the singer. Her track ‘Exquiste Bliss’ still gets regular plays in the household here and you might well find Alex arguing that it is pure pop perfection.

Her album, ‘can’t hate myself into a different shape’ runs in at 37 minutes of PJ Harvey-esque vocals with stripped down beats, building to a euphoric finale.

Signe – Underwater

Our Music Video of the month comes from our talented friend Signe, who released one of her first tracks in quite awhile. She collaborates with Thor Finland for the track ‘Underwater’, which has a very mellow down-tempo sound and a stunning video directed by Lars Ejnar Rasmussen & Pixabay.

Dates for your diary in February

11th February – Flee (UK Cinemas)

13th February – The Truth Will Out Season 2 (Walter Presents)

17th February – Young Wallander (Netflix)

Feature by Alex Minnis & Marc Harries

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