Nordic TV series coming to UK screens summer 2022

We usually expect it to go a little quiet during the summer months when it comes to Nordic TV series being released here in the UK, but instead we are about to be greeted with quite a few fantastic new releases as well as old ones with new seasons.

Get your calendars ready – summer is looking good!

Borgen: Money & Power | Netflix | 2nd June

One way to get this Nordic summer party started is to kick things off with the fourth season of Borgen – a series we have missed over its nine year hiatus but which finally returns with all those familiar faces and plenty of new ones to join the extended cast too!

These fresh new faces include the likes of Magnus Millang (Another Round), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (The Chestunut Man), and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (The Rain), they join a lot of returning faces as we follow the stories of both our two female lead characters Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen), and Katrine Fønsmark’s (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen).

All previous seasons are available now on Netflix, so you can get up to speed before the launch of the new season next week!

Borgen is back along with some new faces!

NEW: Baby Fever | Netflix | 8th June

To lighten things up a little bit from the stiff politics there is a new series from Netflix called ‘Baby Fever’. The show focuses on Nana (played by Josephine Park) who drunkenly decides to inseminate herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm which, as one can imagine, leads to quite a far bit of chaos especially as he isn’t really interested in her anymore.

This sounds wild and wacky which is exactly how we like our Nordic comedies (with a slice of romance hidden in there somewhere too).

Lots for Josephine Park’s Nana to contemplate in Baby Fever (Photo Credit: Tine_Harden / Netflix)

Love & Anarchy – Season 2 | Netflix | 16th June

This was one of our favourite series’ when it was released a couple of years ago and we are delighted to see the series return, with the series creator Lisa Langseth onboard again.

How things will elevate from the previous season will be a very interesting to see and joining the fantastic cast will be David Dencik, who was last seen in The Chestnut Man and will reappear in Rig 45 (our next new series to check out)!

Double trouble – what could possibly Sofie (Ida Engvoll) and Max (Björn Mosten) get up to in the new season of Love & Anarchy
(Photo Credit: Ulrika Malm / Netflix)

NEW: Rig 45 | Walter Presents | 24th June

Rig 45 has been lurking out there for some time but miraculously has never made its way over to the UK – but, thanks to good old Walter, you can finally catch the thrilling ‘who done it’ which boasts an international cast that includes the likes of Lisa Henni (The Unthinkable), Björn Bengtsson (Thicker Than Water), Joi Johannsson (Sisterhood), and Jakob Oftebro (Black Crab) to name a few from the Nordic region!

Though it pre-dates the recent British series Vigil, it is a similar set up with a detective being sent out to a North Sea oil rig to look into the death of one of the workers. Soon things take a bit of a dark turn and the handful of staff let on to the rig are left fighting for their survival as a killer is revealed to be aboard!

NEW: Seizure | Walter Presents | 26th June

We are really excited about this supernatural series that is coming to Walter Presents in June. Much like Rig 45, the series was actually released back in 2019, but is finally getting a UK release this summer.

One thing we love about this is that it has a supernatural element which we don’t really see a lot of in Nordic TV shows, along with the fact that the great Anders Danielsen Lie will be starring – star of Joachim Trier’s Oslo Trilogy, the soon to be released Bergman Island, and many more; Anders is a truly special talent.

Here is he plays a detective who is investigating the death of four children only for both him and his partner to be also terrorised by nightmares – could they be connected?

Snabba Cash – Season 2 | Netflix | July

Now, we are still waiting for official confirmation on this one, however one of the cast did post a date in July saying the second season was coming but that was shortly taken down afterwards. Was a smacked wrist involved? Are we really going to get to to see the second season of this absolutely superb series hit our screens in summer? We really hope so and can’t wait to see how things develop after the carnage we were left with at the end of the first season (which we won’t spoil here just in case you haven’t seen it yet – and if that is the case you really should remedy that sharpish!)

Will Snabba Cash Season 2 be back in July? (Photo Credit: Jonas Alarik / Netflix)

Which series are you looking forward to the most?

As always schedules can change, for better or worse, and we will always do our best to update that information accordingly. And before anyone asks – we still have no word on season three of Trapped despite lifting up lots of stones to try and find it!

Feature by Alex Minnis