Exclusive acoustic performance and interview with Swedish music artist Hanna Ögonsten

As we dip our toes back into the Nordic music scene we are really excited to share something new and exclusive from some of the artists we discover. In this feature, we meet Sweden’s Hanna Ögonsten who shares a performance with us from a place called Brottby (more specifically Karby), outside of Stockholm.

For those that have not discovered your music how would you best describe it?

I would say it’s alternative pop, sometimes it leans towards indie/rock and sometimes towards hyper pop. 

Talk to us about your new single and your inspiration behind the track?

The new songs on the EP are ‘Goodbye My Darling’ and ‘More Fun’ and both are about missing someone or something. I wrote most part of the EP during the pandemic, including these songs, so the feeling of missing out on stuff was really present at this time. It kind of felt like the pandemic stole a part of my twenties, although it also made me grow as a person. 

What is coming next for you? Are you hoping to start playing live soon?

I’m currently working on more music and I’m planning to release my second EP this autumn/winter and so far the demos are crazy good if you ask me! I would also love to collaborate more with other artists and to play live! I really enjoy being on stage. 

Tell us your current favourite book, TV Show, film, and album?

My favourite book will always be Oliver Twist, I’m obsessed with Stranger Things at the moment, and my favourite film is Big Fish. I recently discovered Dora Jar and I absolutely love her album Digital Meadow, it’s literally been the soundtrack of my summer. 

Hanna Ögonsten’s new EP is out now on Be Kind Records you can listen here on Spotify

Interview by Alex Minnis