Meet three of the new characters in season 3 of Icelandic series ‘Trapped’ – coming to Netflix next week

Season 3 of popular Icelandic drama Trapped, which is now titled Entrapped, has taken a bit of time to get to our screens in the UK, but we are delighted to hear it is finally arriving early September!

The new season has a huge cast, with a number of new faces joining. Some of those include the excellent Thomas Bo Larsen from Another Round, Íris Tanja Flygenring, and Haraldur Stefansson, who was in Katla. Nordic Watchlist spoke to three other new stars from the latest season, and get a few clues as to what characters they will be playing It is worth noting that no spoilers are in this article.

Maria Thelma is Elísabet

What can you tell us about your character in the new series of Entrapped

Her name is Elísabet and she is a part of a Motorcycle club called Horns. She joins the club because of her friend Gunnar, who is one of the leaders in the gang. She then regrets it deeply and well, you’ll find out why.

You have an amazing cast to work with – what was the atmosphere filming like? 

It was great – Iceland is a really small country so we all knew each other before we started filming.

Some of us had also worked together before so it really felt like home. Fun fact – me and Iris Tanja were classmates for three years when we were studying acting at the Icelandic Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Where is this season of Trapped filmed and what was it like to film in these locations? It was stunningly beautiful to say the least. That’s the thing about filming in Iceland – every view has its own breath-taking scenery in your film, so blessed to have the landscape as your “office” for the day.

We were lucky to be shooting in a variety of locations around Iceland which made the filming process more adventurous. We mostly shot in Siglufjörður, Reykjavík and Hvammsvík. We were filming through the coldest time in Iceland, autumn/winter so it was pretty cold most of the time which is nothing new when it comes to Icelandic filmmaking. I guess you get used to the cold with time and you develop a thick skin when it comes to filming long hours in the ice cold wind.

Davíð Þór Katrínarson plays Hákon

What can you tell us about your character in Entrapped
Hákon is first and foremost a man who loves his family- his wife and children, as well as their adopted family.

When did filming start and what was it like being on set with such a great cast? 
Filming started in the fall of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and wrapped officially in the fall of 2021. The acting scene in Iceland is quite small and many of us have worked together at some point and it’s always good fun.
There is no better way to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the craft than to observe masters like Egill Ólafsson. He is so perfect for his part that you could never be sure whether or not he was acting.

Kara Ingudóttir as Soley

What can you tell us about your character in Entrapped?
My character Sóley in trapped 3 is a broken young girl who got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Although she is fragile, she stands up for herself in a way and is confident in herself and decisions.

What was it like getting to star alongside so many famous faces?

Acting alongside so many familiar faces was an honour for me. I really enjoyed watching them do their work, how they performed and delivered. It also felt very comfortable being around people who were highly experienced in their work. These were all great people to be around.

Entrapped finally comes to our screens on the 8th September – we can’t wait!

Feature by Alex Minnis