New Nordic TV series coming in 2023

With the year coming to an end we take a look at new Nordic tv series coming in 2023. With the likes of Walter Presents and Netflix bringing some exciting new content for us, we now also have Viaplay coming into the mix – and although they haven’t given definitive release dates yet, we tell you what to expect from the new UK streamer.

Walter Presents

Let us kick things off here with Walter Presents and the stand out Nordic shows that are expected to air in 2023 which we think UK audiences will be extremely delighted to see!

Grow | Denmark | January 2023

First out will be Denmark’s Grow (known as Alfa) which premiered at Berlinale in 2021 and has received much praise. The cast is completely stacked, with the likes of Lars Mikkelsen, Ardalan Esmaili, Andreas and Sebastian Jessen – to name a few!

The series focuses on two brothers, one of whom falls on the wrong side of the tracks after the loss of their father and the other taking up a role in the police force. The series is written and directed by Milad Avaz.

Top Dog | Sweden | February 2023

FINALLY – Top Dog will come to a very patient UK audience! We have been waiting to catch this series for quite some time now so very happy to get this on the watchlist for 2023.

The series’ stars Josefin Asplund and Alexej Maand their world’s collide when there is a mysterious disappearance. Asplund is a lawyer whilst Mavelov is a newly released convict making them poles apart in terms of their lives – but the pair have to work together when they get embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy.

Helsinki Crimes | Finland | February 2023

This series will be coming to More4 in the summer and follows detectives Timo and Onerva who are investigating a new wave of murders in their capital city of Helsinki.

The series stars Alma Pöysti (Tove), Olli Rahkonen (Mister 8), and Olga Temonen (Free Skate).

Mobile 101 | Finland | April 2023

This story starts in 1988 when a small company called Nokia are looking to take over the world with their new mobile phone technology. Things get interesting when two lawyers are brought into an international court case with the US company Motorola who are suing Nokia for patent infringements.

This six-part series is based on the true story of the mobile giants going head to head – fans of 2022’s The Playlist might well enjoy watching how things unfold in this drama series.


Copenhagen Cowboy | Denmark | 5th January 2023

Nicholas Winding Refn is BACK and this time he has returned to Copenhagen with a new series, Copenhagen Cowboy. For those NWR purists out there this is going to be very much up your street – the series is spread over six episodes that act as much as a story as they are an art work too as we follow Miu and the characters she meets on her journey through the mysterious underworld the director has created.

There is some dark humour, crazy fight scenes, and a lot of still shots – be prepared for something you might not have ever witnessed before!

Vikings Valhalla | 12th January 2023

For those fans of the Vikings series the second season of Vikings Valhalla returns to Netflix in January picking things up from its first series earlier in 2022. With the disastrous conclusion of the first season, the Vikings find themselves in unknown territories as they explore beyond the fjords of Kattegat.

Vikings: Valhalla – Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson Photo Credit: Bernard Walsh/Netflix

Dance Brothers | Finland | June 2023

Following the success of Young Royals, a new young adult series is due to arrive on Netflix in 2023 called Dance Brothers.

This Finnish series follows two brothers, Roni (Roderick Kabanga) and Sakari (Samuel Kujala), who both struggle to make a living in the professional dance industry but soon that all changes when they start their own club which becomes a huge success.

Will they continue to follow their dream and passion or will money and success get in the way?

A Nearly Normal Family | Sweden | TBC

In this limited Netflix series, which is also an adaptation from the book of the same title (which sold over half a million copies in Sweden), we follow the lives of a priest and his lawyer wife which are turned upside down when their daughter is accused of murder. Making them all question how much they really know about each other – and is their daughter telling the truth when she says she is innocent.

The cast includes; Stella Sandell, Lo Kauppi (Modus, Real humans), and Björn Bengtsson (The Last kingdom, Lust).

Release date TBC

Viaplay UK

At the time of writing this article there are yet to be any confirmations of release dates for new series on Viaplay UK however we have had a good look through what to expect and have picked out some of the, many, highlights coming our way on the streamer.

Those Who Kill Season 3 | January

The popular Danish crime series returns for a third season to Viaplay in early 2023 – with Natalie Madueño returning as Louise Bergstein to crack another case along with Frederik Havgaard (played by Simon Sears from Shorta).

Viaplay’s Chief Content officer stated that this series: “Will take the show to yet another level, with a lead character whose complexity just keeps deepening” – we can’t wait!

Threesome Season 2 | TBC

This series is back for a second season and picks things up from our characters story at the end of the first season and the effects it has on the couple as they continue to navigate their complicated love life.

The Fortress | TBC

Things gets dystopian with Norway’s The Fortress where we find ourselves in the year 2037 – people are living their lives to the fullest behind a giant wall but when a pandemic breaks out the people living behind this construction soon realise that it hasn’t been there to protect them but keep them prisoner.

It’s a bit difficult at this time to confirm exactly when everything is coming out for Viaplay, plus other channels and streamers will certainly add more content in the future too. As and when we get an idea of release dates we will be updating this page and adding more content throughout the course of the year. So keep us in your favourites for revisits!

Feature by Alex Minnis

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