Our Nordic Watchlist – February 2023: Discover what we’ve been watching this month

So, here’s what’s been on our Nordic watchlist this month – two great new TV series and two films. Let us know in the comments section what you have been watching and enjoying in February.


FURIA (Norwegian) | Viaplay UK

This story follows the lives of two cops, who become entangled in a web of radical right-wing followers who are involved in a terrorist plot.

This crime thriller starts off a bit slow, but then the pace ramps up and there’s some shocking and exciting twists and turns – and plenty of stunning Norwegian scenery too!

TOP DOG (Swedish) | Walter Presents

We have waited a long time for Top Dog to finally come to our screens in the UK and it was certainly worth the wait!

The series is stacked with recognisable faces from the likes of Joel Spira (Thicker Than Water), Gustav Lindh (Queen of Hearts), Christian Hillborg (The Playlist), and Dag Malmberg (The Bridge) – to name a few!

Each play an integral role to the lives of Emily (Josefin Asplund), a lawyer wanting to climb to the top of the ladder; and Teddy (Alexej Manvelov), a criminal out of prison after ten years who wants to get back on the straight and narrow.

The series is written by the brilliant Jen Lapidus (Snabba Cash) and thanks to an excellent performance by both its leads, you are guaranteed a thrilling ride. Lets hope it isn’t too long before we can get season two which is due out later this year.

Alex spoke to Josefin Asplund about the series and you can read all about that HERE, and catch Top Dog on Walter Presents on All4 now.



Something a little fun and different is Netflix’s werewolf movie Viking Wolf!

Fans of werewolf movies might enjoy this horror thriller that sees Liv Mjones as a local police officer (also named Liv), with her hands full when bodies start piling up in her new hometown over in Norway. Everything starts to point to a wolf attack – but it looks like a pretty big bad wolf!

The film also stars the excellent Elli Rhiannon Muller Osborne (Psychobitch) as Liv’s daughter who finds herself having strange visions after encountering the murderous culprit.

Turns the lights down low, grab some popcorn, turn your brain off and just settle in for this one on the weekend – it’s good fun (and a little gory too)!

Catch Viking Wolf on Netflix now.


One of our ten Danish films to look out for in 2023, Miss Viborg is already award-winning. Two generations of women, one in her 60s and one who has just turned 17, come together in an unlikely friendship in this comedy drama. Quirky, fun, heart-breaking – we think you’ll love this film, and the amazing performance from its lead actress, Ragnhild Kaasgaard.

The film will be showing at Glasgow Film Festival and then we’ll let you know where you can find it after that.

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