New Nordic film and TV releases coming in March – on Viaplay, MUBI and Cinema

Check out these great upcoming releases in March that we think should be on your watchlist!


Love Me – Season 2 | 9th March

First up on Viaplay is the return of the popular romcom series, Love Me, which has been a popular series in Sweden and has an incredible cast, including the likes of Gustav Lindh (Top Dog), Edvin Ryding (The Playlist), Dilan Gwyn (Two Sisters), Sofia Karemyr (Partisan), and also the incredibly talented Josephine Bornebusch who stars, directs, and has written the series.

We have just started this series and we are hooked. Keep an eye on Josephine Bornebusch as an upcoming talent!

Thin Blue Line – Season 2 | 23rd March

In a way we have been really lucky with Viaplay launching in the UK last year; where we have waited so long to see some series’ that were released 2-3 years ago in their native countries, we are now getting the opportunity to catch up with them – and find the next season is already on its way!

In this case we are so delighted to see that Sweden’s second season of Thin Blue Line is coming to Viaplay this month. Having binge watched the first season we can’t wait to get back involved with the lives of a team of police officers in Malmo – including the likes of of Gizem Erdogan (The Playlist) and Oscar Toringe (Top Dog).

Pernille – Season 3 | 30th March

Pernille has been a very popular Norwegian series, known over there as Pørni, and fans of the series will be delighted to see that the third season is arriving onto Viaplay at the end of the month!

We have yet to catch this series so will certainly be making time for it this month so we can catch up on it all but we have been assured that it is excellent and well worth a watch.

The series follows Henriette Steenstrup (Ragnarok) playing Pernille. Henriette not only stars but is also the writer behind the series that sees her character juggling life as a single mother with 3 kids, an eldery father, and her job as a child welfare officer. It is described as a comedy drama and also stars Gunnar Eiriksson who we last saw in the fantastic Twin – which has also just landed on Viaplay UK – and who we think is a fantastic talent.

You can also expect to see the following:

  • Hammarvik – Season 3 released on the 16th March
  • Then films coming to the streamer include Tove (7th March), and The Tunnel (Out Now)


Electric Malady | OUT NOW

The BAFTA-nominated and now Mark Kermode endorsed documentary (see review below) is out in cinemas now and as we have been trying to tell everyone since we caught it at CPH:DOX (Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival) last year. It is an absolute must-see as one of our stand out documentaries from 2022.

Read our interview with the talented director behind the film, Marie Liden, to dig deeper into the story behind this fascinating and sad documentary.

The Middle Man | from 10th March

Here is something to look out for – a very Coen Brothers-esque dark comedy that is set in Canada yet features a host of actors from the Nordic region, and os directed by Norwegian talent Bent Hamer.

The film centres around town simpleton Frank (Pål Sverre Hagen) who lives in the dead end town of Karmack. One day he picks up a job as a middle man – someone who has to break the news to bereaved relatives when someone has passed away. Things begin to take strange turns and Frank finds himself in some very awkward situations.

It is a very quiet and slow piece of work which will reverberate long after you have seen it. Pål Sverre Hagen is fantastic and look out for the likes of Nicholas Bro, Tuva Novotny, and Aksel Hennie joining the cast. Nordic TV and film loving fans will love this!

Two special screenings with a Q&A are being organised: on the 10th at Picturehouse Fulham, and on the 12th at the Garden Cinema.


Back to the streamers and MUBI is having a Lars Von Trier season for those that like their dark Scandi films – you will be able to see the following on the streamer this month (and also some that have already been released):

  • The Element of Crime – Available Now
  • Breaking the Waves – Available Now
  • The House That Jack Built – Available Now
  • Nymphomaniac Volume 1 – Available Now
  • Nymphomaniac Vo2 – 5th March 2023
  • Melancholia – 24th March 2023

Holy Spider | 10th March

If you aren’t a fan of Lars Von Trier’s work but still like your Nordic films with a dark edge, then you will be delighted to see that Ali Abassi’s Holy Spider is coming to the streamer this month!

We have been waiting for this release for some time having missed it at the recent festivals we have covered.

Those familiar with Ali Abassi’s earlier work with Shelly and Border will know they are likely in for a tough ride but Holy Spider has clearly made a big impact with the film picking up many film award nominations and wins in 2022.

The film follows a journalist (Best Actress at Cannes winner, Zar Amir Ebrahimi) who puts her life at risk to investigate the murders of sex workers by someone who calls himself the ‘Spider Killer’. The film lifts the lid on a number of controversial issues and is based on a true story.

So that should keep you occupied this month and certainly something for everyone, from dark comedies to romantic dramas; some Lars Von Trier, to the mean streets of Malmo and the antcipated release of Holy Spider! What are you most excited to see this month?

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