Watch short film IN THE SOIL by Danish director Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen

A couple of years ago we reported on and spoke to the star of award winning short In The Soil – the film featured the excellent Sandra Guldberg Kampp and was selected for Cannes Film Festival.

Last week the film’s director got in touch to saw that the film was now officially available to watch worldwide so we spoke with the director to see his inspiration behind it and get the opportunity to share the film itself.

Tell us about the inspiration behind you short film IN THE SOIL?

The inspiration for the film came from two main ideas, one being a want to explore the atmosphere of being a young person in a house of neglect. That sinking, unnerving feeling when your caregiver isn’t taking care of you and instead you are taking care of them. The second idea was literally just a hole in the ground. It was an image that has haunted me for a while and I sort of knew that I had to use it for something. So when I realised that I could use the image to help further the atmosphere and create a cinematic world around it, the inspiration for the story came. 

How long did the film take to put together?

From writing to getting it funded and then shooting was an about a year. Post Production was also about a year as we ran into COVID which caused us some delays. 

Where did you discover Sandra Guldberg Kampp?

I found out about Sandra through someone from our crew who had just wrapped production on a short where she played the protagonist and said she was amazing. So I saw the short film and was completely blown away. She had a way of telling story through her eyes that amazed me and luckily she liked the script for IN THE SOIL and was completely onboard with the cinematic universe we were trying to create. 

IN THE SOIL is finally accessible to the world – where can we watch it?

We have been blessed with a fantastic festival run and we are super happy to finally share the film with the world. You can see it through SHORT OF THE WEEK or VIMEO

What is coming up next for you?

I am wrapping post production on a new short film called TREES PAINTED IN TAR and developing my debut feature. 

Interview by Alex Minnis

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