New Nordic film and TV releases coming in May- on Viaplay, Netflix and Cinema

Check out these great upcoming releases in April that we think should be on your watchlist and get ready because there is LOTS to check out! What will you be watching?


Adam’s Apples | Denmark | 2nd May

All you need to do is a take a look at the image below to realise that this film is by no means new, however, it might be a film that has escaped a lot of people and never been seen (we are one of those people) – fortunately Viaplay will be releasing the star driven film by director Anders Thomas Jensen (Riders of Justice).

Mad Mikkelsen plays Ivan, a priest whose faith is tested by a bunch of recently paroled convicts – will he get broken? We can’t wait to see this comedy drama especially given the success of Riders of Justice!

Riding in Darkness | Sweden | 11th May

Another series based on true events as we follow the lives of three women who are all connected to one man – someone who has them firmly in his grip. To get him out of their lives will the be believed or will his toxic skill of bending the truth continue to keep them under his grasp.

The 8 part series stars Jonas Karlsson (Stockholm Requiem), Hanna Ardéhn (A Storm for Christmas), and Amanda Jansson (Thin Blue Line). This has a great cast and interesting story so we are excited to catch this one!

No Time of Mourn (Gåsmamman) Season 5 | Sweden | 25th May

We have heard nothing but great things about this series and we are well aware how excited people are for the fifth season – so good news for all those patiently waiting for this one, it is finally coming and will be released on the 25th May. We won’t give anything anyway of what to expect for the pure selfish reason that we haven’t seen any of this series yet so don’t want to spoil it for ourselves or those catching up on it.


Dance Brothers | Finland | 10th May

Netflix is really freshening up its Nordic releases with some new stories and takes – also developing series and films that really are open to audiences of all ages. Dance Brothers is a 10 part series, built up in 20minute episode that are frighteningly ease to whizz through, that sees two brothers Roni and Sakari who try to make something of their lives through their passion with dancing. Things aren’t going their way until they get an opportunity to open a club where they can teach dance during the days and open to the clubbing public in the evening.

Naturally this comes with a number of new challenges for the brothers as their close relationship is tested to the ultimate limits.

The aestich and look of this is fantastic and its has a brilliant soundtrack to go with it – look out for our interview with the series lead stars later in the month!

(L to R) Roderick Kabanga as Roni & Samuel Kujala as Sakari

Royalteen: Princess Margrethe | Norway | 11th May

Royalteen was a huge hit last year and the film returns with its next story which focuses on Princess Margrethe, those that watched the previous film will remember that it ended rather abruptly (so much so that one wondered whether it was even supposed to end like that) so for those left on that cliff-hanger will be delighted to see what happens next.


Mobile 101 | Finland | May

This story starts in 1988 when a small company called Nokia are looking to take over the world with their new mobile phone technology. Things get interesting when two lawyers are brought into an international court case with the US company Motorola, who are suing Nokia for patent infringements.

This six-part series is based on the true story of the mobile giants going head to head. Fans of 2022’s The Playlist might well enjoy watching how things unfold in this drama series.


Sisu | Finland| 26th May

Sisu is one of our most anticipated Nordic film releases of 2023 and it looks like we might finally have a release date for the film at the end of the month.

We’ve seen the trailer, and read enough to know that this ‘Finnish Rambo’, by the director and team behind the excellent Rare Exports, is one to absolutely look out for and is very high on our Nordic watchlist!

Big Vs Small | Finland | Available Now

Three years ago whilst we were all caught up in the pandemic Alex got to speak to documentary director Minna Dufton about her film Big vs Small – at the time the film had its premiere at Glasgow Film Festival. Minna became a great supporter of Nordic Watchlist and has been instrumental in helping us learn the ropes and growing the website so we are so delighted to see her own film finally get a more accessible release on Sky Store, Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, and YouTube!

Her film shares the story of big wave surfer Joana Andrade who despite riding the biggest waves in the world, has a fear of drowning, so she heads to Finland to train and speak with record breaking free diver Johanna Nordblad. It is a touching and fascinating documentary that goes far deeper than one might be expecting.


Thirty Days of Darkness | Jenny Lund Madsen | 25th May

One book that we have been excited to read this year is Jenny Lund Madsen’s Thirty Days of Darkness, and Orenda Books were kind enough to give us a preview copy which has proved that were were not wrong about our excitement.

The is the start of a new series which sees a Danish author challenged to write a crime novel in thirty days. She takes up the challenge and heads off to Húsafjöður, a quiet fishing village in Iceland, to find some inspiration. What they didn’t plan for was a body to turn up.

If you want to pre-order your copy head to the Orenda Books website by following the link HERE

From Dance Brothers to Adam’s Apples and Nokia phones – it certainly looks like it is going to be a pretty busy month again for us here at Nordic Watchlist. Which series, book, or films are you excited for? Will Sisu leave up to our expectation? We can’t wait!

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