4 Nordic Documentaries to look out for at Sheffield Doc Fest

Sheffield Doc Fest kicks off on the 14th June for 5 days with over 200 documentary films to catch.

The festival is the UK’s premier documentary festival as well as a global documentary project marketplace. Every year it hosts a wide range of documentary forms, including film, television, immersive experiences, and art, in the dynamic city of Sheffield with the programming reflecting fundamental principles of creativity, empathy, freedom, inclusivity, and internationalism.

Here are 4 Nordic Documentaries to look out for at the festival when it starts next week.

George – Peterland | Sweden | Director: Christer Wahlberg

Director Christer Wahlberg’s short film follows a group of imaginative 8-year-olds from a Swedish primary school, who create George-Peterland, a magical forest realm where the Chicken God reigns.

Dictating peculiar rules like no chicken nugget consumption, mandatory yellow adoration, and exclusive George-Peter language, this fantasy world starts to influence their real lives. Meanwhile, adults scramble to establish regulations, aiming to regain control and overthrow the supremacy of the Chicken God.

The Gullspång Miracle | Sweden | Director: Maria Fredriksson

After May sustains an unexpected injury while riding a rollercoaster, she and her sister Kari decide to purchase a house in Gullspång, Sweden. They are astonished when they meet the seller, Olaug, who bears an uncanny resemblance to their presumed-dead sibling, Lita.

Prompted by the sisters, documentary filmmaker Maria Fredriksson embarks on an investigation into this perplexing history. Through a blend of re-enactments and archival footage, The Gullspång Miracle unravels a darkly comedic family drama, interlaced with astonishing and often unbelievable twists. It delves into themes of loss, deceit, and the enigmatic bonds that tie families together.

The Mountains | Denmark | Director: Christian Einshøj

Christian Einshøj, two decades after a life-altering tragedy tore his family apart, documents their journey towards reconciliation. When his father, a tirelessly devoted CEO, loses his job and decides to sell their family home, Einshøj takes on the task of delving into their past.

Armed with a camera, an extensive collection of 75,000 family photos, 30 years’ worth of home movies, a prized stamp collection, and three snug superhero costumes, he embarks on a quest to confront the tragedy that reshaped their familial bonds.

The Mountains is a poignant and introspective film, retracing their response to the loss while examining the complexities of father-son relationships. With a blend of wit, emotion, and candid revelations, it presents a compelling portrait of the intricacies of human connections.

Twice Colonized | Canada, Denmark, and Greenland | Director: Lin Alluna

In the face of personal tragedy, a lawyer named Aaju Peter embarks on a quest to address the injustices of colonization by establishing an Indigenous forum within the European Union. Having been sent away from her Greenlandic homeland as a child, Peter lost touch with her cultural heritage and language in Denmark. Later, during her travels to Canada, she witnesses the impact of colonization on the Inuit people. Determined to create a better world for future generations, Peter takes on the task of seeking justice from Denmark and Canada.

Filmmaker and director Lin Alluna documents Peter’s campaign while providing a platform for her to share her own story, delving into the history of her culture and her own family, including the unexpected loss of her youngest son. Through revisiting places where the scars of forced assimilation still linger, Twice Colonized offers a compassionate portrayal of a courageous individual and becomes a catalyst for important conversations surrounding colonialism’s lasting effects.

Sheffield Doc Fest will be taking place between the 14th-19th June and you can find out more about the films and schedules at their website: www.sheffdocfest.com


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