New Nordic releases for July

Here comes July with some great new series’ premiering and also some old series’ returning, too.

Also, we are really excited to share with you that we will now be featuring what releases are coming to Viaplay for the UK, United States, and Canada – you asked and we listened – so we hope you enjoy what content is coming your way, wherever you based!

Here are our new Nordic releases for July!


You Can’t See Me by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir | Orenda Books | 6th July | UK

Icelandic author Eva Björg Ægisdóttir returns with her fourth novel – You Can’t See Me – where the author cranks up the suspense when a wealthy and powerful family gather for a reunion in a futuristic house in the middle of nowhere.

When one of the guests disappears people begin to wonder whether someone is stalking them or maybe the real threat isn’t outside, but within their own four walls.

Head to publisher Orenda Books website where you will be able to order the new novel.


Captain Fall | USA/Norway| 28th July 23 | Worldwide

Okay, let’s start off with something VERY different – an animation coming to Netflix which will be voiced by an American cast. So where does it fit in with the Nordic side of things? Well this is actually written by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen – the creators behind the brilliant Norsemen (which can be found on Netflix still).

We’ve seen the trailer and it certainly looks like a light bit of fun for fans of their humour and there is a great voice cast on this, including Anthony Carrigan (who plays NoHo Frank in Barry)!

Captain Fall (L to R) Jason Ritter as Jonathan Fall, Alejandro Edda as Pedro and Trond Fausa as Nico in Captain Fall. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023


Sick of Myself | Norway | 10th JULY | UK

We have mentioned before how BFI Player has some great Nordic films hidden away on there (Hatching and Girls, Girls, Girls for example) and now Sick of Myself arrives onto the streaming platform this month.

Sick of Myself is still contender for one of our favourite films of the year, simply because it is so criminally dark humoured yet also very smartly sharing a message which makes us walk away and think a little about everything we have just watched.


No Angel | Sweden | 6th July | US and CAN

Here is a new series for those of you over in US and Canada – this is called No Angel and is a short horror series (4 x 15 Minute episodes) that follow a high school student who seems like your average student, who is out dating and having fun with her friends – the only problem is that she is a serial killer! This sounds wild and we’ll have to rely on our American and Canadian friends to let us know what they think when it gets released at the end of the week.

WW2 – Saving Norway’s Gold | Norway | 6th July | UK, US, and CAN

Discover the astonishing true account behind the Viaplay feature film Gold Run in this gripping documentary series. Uncover the clandestine operation orchestrated by the Norwegian government during the Nazi invasion of April 1940, as an unconventional group of individuals embarked on a daring mission to smuggle an astounding 49 tonnes of gold out of the country.

Through a captivating blend of archival footage, insightful interviews, and expertly crafted re-enactments, delve into the remarkable story that unveils the audacious feat that shaped history.

Something a little different and this one will be available in the UK, USA, and Canada.

Philosopher of the Sea | Sweden | 11th July | UK, US, and CAN

This exclusive documentary, filmed over a span of five years, unveils the remarkable story of an anarchist sailor who has achieved worldwide fame yet remains relatively unknown to most. Sven Yrvind, at the age of 80, embarks on a daring solo voyage from Ireland to New Zealand aboard a one-meter-wide sailboat.

While this audacious expedition across treacherous seas may appear reckless, it serves as both an external and internal odyssey, provoking profound reflections on the choices we make in life. As viewers witness Yrvind’s extraordinary journey, they are prompted to contemplate their own paths and ponder how they aspire to live.

This thought-provoking documentary has garnered acclaim and was awarded the Best Feature Documentary at the prestigious Stockholm City Film Festival in 2023.

Trapped – Season 1 & 2 | Iceland | 13th July | UK

It may not be new to many of you but those of you who have missed the first two series of Trapped can rejoice in the fact that both seasons are being released on Viaplay. That means you can now binge on Trapped AND The Bridge – some of the best and original Nordic Noir series’!

And for those who have not seen it yet – now is your opportunity!

TROM | Denmark | 20th July | UK

You can travel next from Iceland to the Faroe Islands as Trom arrives onto Viaplay – whilst most might have caught it on the BBC, those that might have missed it will be happy it hasn’t disappeared and found a new home on Viaplay.

The story follows Martinsson (the great Ulrich Thomsen) who returns to his homeland, driven to unravel the mystery behind Sonja Pætursdóttir’s disappearance. As he delves deeper, Martinsson is confronted with an enigmatic message on his phone, purportedly from his long-lost daughter. Struggling to connect with the local authorities, he must navigate through a web of secrets that slowly unravel after Sonja’s lifeless body emerges from the depths of the water.

The scenery is stunning and you can never go wrong with Ulrich Thomsen – look out for our interview with the star later in July!

Black Sands | Iceland | 20th July | US

Most of us have caught Iceland’s Black Sands here in the UK so now it is time for the series to head over to US for it’s premiere there.

Black Sands is an Icelandic eight-part crime thriller about Anita, a troubled police officer who returns to the hometown she escaped from 14 years earlier due to family issues. Her world is turned upside down after the body of a young woman is discovered and an investigation commences. It’s filmed largely in an area of Iceland with a beautiful beach which literally has black sand due to the volcanic landscape, and it becomes almost a character itself in the series.

Check out our interview with the lead star Aldís Amah Hamilton to find out about her role in the series.

Thunder in My Heart – Season 2 | Sweden | 27th July | UK, US, and CAN

For those that haven’t caught the first season of Thunder in My Heart yet then we highly recommend checking out the series and then you can dive into the second season which will be released in the UK, USA, and Canada.

In the second season, set one year after the events of the first, Sigrid, Sam, and Antonia navigate the treacherous path towards adulthood. As they face new obstacles, Sigrid finds herself confronting her most daunting challenge yet: her complicated relationship with her father. His escalating efforts to exert control over her younger brother become increasingly destructive, putting Sigrid’s resilience to the test as she strives to protect her family and find her own place in the world.

Don’t sleep on this series it really is fantastic!

There is certainly plenty to get excited about this month – we are particulary happy over the release of Sick of Myself on the BFI Player and equally excited to see the second season of Thunder in My Heart (a hidden gem on Viaplay) and see how Captail Fall holds up!

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