New Nordic releases for September

Here comes September – which means autumn is on the horizon, the perfect time to snuggle down to a whole host of Nordic series, books, and films. We also share some upcoming events, and – for those horror movie fans out there – a couple of new releases on digital!

Here are our new Nordic releases for September:


The Night House | 28th September | Jo Nesbo | Published by Vintage

Best known for his best-selling Harry Hole series, which saw the 13th instalment Killing Moon released earlier this year, Norwegian author Jo Nesbo releases his second book of the year, a stand alone, non Harry Hole, novel The Night House.

A dark take on small town coming-of-age horror, a 14 year old’s classmates begin to vanish and he has to fight not only dark magic but the townsfolk themselves who don’t believe his story.


A Day and a Half | 1st September | Sweden

The month kicks off with a directorial debut from the incredibly talented Fares Fares, who not only is behind the camera but also wrote and stars in this feature. The story follows desperate husband and father Artan (Alexej Manvelov), who takes his wife Louise (Alma Poysti) hostage.

Fares Fares plays Lukas, a police officer who tries to help, but ends up driving the pair on a road trip as a hostage.

Nordic Watchlist got to speak to Alexej Manvelov and Alma Poysti which you can read HERE and look out for our interview with Fares Fares.

A Day And A Half. (L to R) Alexej Manvelov as Artam and Alma Pöysti as Louise in A Day And A Half. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Ehrengard The Art Of Seduction | 14th September | Denmark

From hostages to period drama hijinks, we are very excited for Bille August’s feature ‘Ehrengard The Art of Seduction‘ which boasts a seriously epic cast including the likes of Sidse Babett Knudsen, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, Jacob Lohmann, Emilie Kroyer Koppel, and a debut from Alice Bier Zanden.

Look out for our interview with the two female lead stars later this month.


As Viaplay is still operating we are still watching and this month there are two particular releases to look out for – unfortunately their exact release date is not confirmed.

The Architect | September | Norway

In a simultaneously recognizable yet futuristic Oslo, drones now handle the task of walking dogs, and decisions related to mortgages are delivered by automated voices emanating from boxes reminiscent of those at fast-food drive-throughs. Within this backdrop, architect Julie unexpectedly encounters a unique opportunity when she and a friend stumble upon a burgeoning community living illicitly within an abandoned underground parking facility. As a colossal project to construct a thousand residential units in Oslo is opened for bidding, Julie conceives a groundbreaking idea: transforming these vacant car parks into habitable living spaces. This gripping four-part television series unfolds in a darkly satirical narrative set in a not-so-distant future, exploring themes of inequality, self-interest, solitude, and isolation. Julie grapples with a profound choice between her dearest friendship and her professional aspirations.

The Most Remote Restaurant In The World | September | Denmark

The accomplished chefs from the Michelin-starred restaurant in the Faroe Islands embark on an astonishing venture – the establishment of a high-end dining establishment in a remarkably isolated location: the village of Ilimanaq in Greenland. Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Greenland, this quaint hamlet, inhabited by a mere 50 or so individuals, boasts a rich historical heritage as one of the oldest settlements in the region. Accessible solely via a boat journey through the awe-inspiring Ilulissat Icefjord, this culinary endeavor promises to be an extraordinary undertaking.


The Knocking | 4th September | Finland

The Knocking is Finnish ‘eco-horror’ which sees a group of siblings return to their family home deep the in the Finnish forests. Flashbacks suggests that things weren’t great when they were growing up together and soon enough they begin to regret coming back to their family home. Horror fans who enjoy a solid slow build narrative with a an incredibly awesome atmospheric soundtrack definitely need to get this one on their watchlist.

Sisu | 8th September | Finland

Another film coming from Finland has been the much talked about Sisu, which has been a huge hit worldwide. The film will finally be released on Blu-Ray/DVD and will also be available on digital as well! Will this film be the surprise Nordic hit of the year?

Good Boy | 11th September | Norway

Good Boy is perhaps not as terrifying as the movie’s poster might suggest, however it certainly is up there as completely insane. We can only best describe it as ‘American Psycho meets Crufts’ which might give you a slight idea but honestly, go in blind to this and enjoy the ride as this is great fun.


Jenny Lund Madsen in conversation with Dr. Jacky Collins | 20th September

On Wednesday 20 September from 7-8pm online our good friend’s Barnet Libraries with be presenting an event; in association with The DKUK, Danish Embassy London & Orenda Books. A night of Danish Noir with author Jenny Lund Madsen in conversation with Dr. Jacky Collins aka Dr Noir discussing her stunning debut book, Thirty Days of Darkness.

Tickets are free and you can sign up for the event by following the link HERE

It looks like September is going to be a bumper month as we head towards one of our favourite times of the year – what are you most excited about seeing?

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