Five Things to know about UFO SWEDEN

At this year’s Fantastic Fest we got to discover the follow up film to Crazy Picture’s The Unthinkable – UFO Sweden. Here are 5 Things to know about UFO SWEDEN.

1. The Unthinkable

One day, a film appeared on Amazon Prime called ‘The Unthinkable.’ It featured hardly any recognizable names and was released back in 2018. We hadn’t heard anything about it, so we decided to rectify that.

We were unprepared to be completely and utterly blown away by this post-apocalyptic story that seamlessly blended science fiction with action and a hint of romance. The action sequences were bone-crushing, and considering the film’s modest budget, the effects were on a whole other level. It’s like Sweden’s version of Michael Bay, thanks to director Victor Danell.

The film is still available to watch, so we highly recommend checking it out. It’s a fantastic ride and will help you decide if you’re ready for ‘UFO: Sweden‘ or not.

2. The Story

The story begins with a father and daughter, both eager to obtain vital information as they listen intently to the weather forecast. They quickly gather the information they need and drive off. The narrative then flashes forward several years, revealing the same car they were in crashing through a barn roof following a peculiar moment of sight and sound.

We rejoin the story with the daughter, who is now in foster care and on a mission to prove that her father isn’t dead but has been abducted from an unknown source. To aid her in this mission, she joins a UFO association.

3. The Cast

One of the main characters is Jesper Barkselius, who plays Lennart. Jesper was also in ‘The Unthinkable’ and, in our opinion, absolutely brilliant in his role. Clearly, he has made his mark, as he returns to collaborate with the same director.

Alongside him is the young misfit Inez Dahl Torhuag, who plays Denise. Some might recognize her from a few episodes of ‘The Truth Will Out.’ Meanwhile, her father is portrayed by the talented Oscar Töringe (‘Thin Blue Line’), Sara Shipley (‘Top Dog’) plays an untrustworthy police officer, and then there’s the always excellent Eva Melander (who seems to be everywhere at the moment, as she also appears in Netflix’s ‘The Conference’). She plays one of the villains.

The chemistry between everyone is great fun and they deliver in what is truly a family-friendly film

4. When to expect it?

We have reached out to numerous people to try and give us an idea of when we might be able to see this film and what platform it might arrive on – so far we haven’t heard anything back but we will keep on trying and will update you as soon as we know.

5. The Trailer

As we wait for a release here is trailer to get an idea of what to expect

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