Exciting new Nordic releases coming in November

It is time to hygge up, as the weather begins to get more miserable and the nights get darker earlier. Perfect for staying in and catchng these new Nordic releases coming in November!


A Nearly Normal Family | Sweden | TV Series | 24th November

Time to dim the lights and get embroiled in this twisting and turning new Swedish drama series on Netflix.

The story centres around a ‘normal’, respectable family in Sweden – a daughter and her parents, who are a lawyer and a priest. Years after an incident happens to the daughter which they decide to keep secret, she is suddenly accused of a brutal murder, and no one can understand what has happened.

A history of keeping secrets and telling lies begins to unravel the parents, who fracture under the pressure of this accusation. What is the truth of what happened, who can be trusted, and who is really guilty here?

Look out for our interview with one of the series breakout stars Alex Tyrefors (centre) later this month!


Dream Scenario | USA | Director: Kristoffer Borgli | 10th November

We are such huge fans of Kristoffer Borgli’s film Sick of Myself (which is still currently available to watch on BFI Player), so are particular excited to see his next film which will be based in the USA and starring Nicholas Cage.

The film involves a man who becomes an overnight sensation when people all seem to dream about him at the same time. So he becomes a hero overnight – but then things begin to get a bit strange (in great Borgli style) – we can’t wait!

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Glen Pearce gives us an update on what to expect this month:

While there was a flurry of book releases in October, timed to get onto everyone’s Christmas shopping list, Nordic November is a much quieter release time, though two Nordic Noir novels stand out as worth keeping an eye open for.

The Wolf – Samuel Bjørk | 2 November 23 | Fiction Book

In the fourth book of the Munch and Krügger series, The Wolf, Norwegian author Samuel Bjørk takes us back for a prequel, looking back at the first case that brought the two detectives together. When two young boys are found murdered in Norway, their bodies stylistically arranged, links are soon made to an almost identical murder in Sweden eight years previously. Can old time detective Munch and his new, slightly unorthodox recruit Krügger get to the bottom of this chilling tale.

 The Wolf by Samuel Bjørk is released by Bantham Press on 2 November 2023.

Yule Island by Johana Gustawsson | 23 November 23 | Fiction Book

Purists may question if Yule Island fits on a Nordic list, but although French born, Johana Gustawsson lives in Sweden and sets her novels there and therefore fits the Nordic mould! For Yule Island, Gustawsson takes us into the world of art and antiques as art expert Emma Lindahl is drawn into a series of murders in the midst of a dark Scandinavian winter.

Yule Island by Johana Gustawsson is released by Orenda Books on 23 November 2023.

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The BFI Player is always a great spot to go and check every now and again for some of the Nordic releases we have featured. Currently you will find a whole host of films on there and most recently we see that Tigers and Cairo Conspiracy have been added. There is a free trial on at the moment so a perfect opportunity to watch these films and many more!

Cries & Whispers | Ingmar Bergman | BFI Player | TBC November

Cries and Whispers” is a 1972 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman. The movie is an intense and emotionally charged exploration of the complex relationships among four sisters.

The film has been known for its powerful and visually striking cinematography, characterized by the use of intense reds and whites, creating a vivid and unsettling atmosphere.

We have certainly got this one on our watchlist as we have never delved too deep into Bergman’s work.

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