Tribes of Europe and The Head Hunter Star Christopher Rygh

If you are looking for a Norwegian stand-in for Jason Momoa look no further – we caught up with Christopher Rygh who stars in The Head Hunter (which can currently be found on Sky/Now TV) as a sword-wielding Conan the Barbarian type – a skill he is pretty good at!

He can now be seen in new Neflix series Tribes of Europe!

Let’s talk first about The Head Hunter – tell us a bit about the movie and what to expect..

The Head Hunter is a medieval horror movie. We follow the solitary life of Father who keeps to himself and does the dirty work for the Kingdom – he slays the monsters that pester the good people there. A few years back his daughter was killed by a monster and he has been seeking revenge ever since. Now the monster has returned and retribution is nigh. This is the premise of the story – a slow-burner with minimal dialogue. It’s a character study of a worn man ridden with guilt and fuelled by vengeance. 

You wear this very badass armour in it – what was it like filming in it?

The armour was made by Patina Leathercraft in Sweden and it plays a huge part in the iconic look of THH. It’s very sturdy built and functional. It would probably hold up well in a real life thrashing. I should give it a field test sometime. Because we were so few people on set, I had to get help from Jordan, the director, to strap on the costume every day. It was a bit cumbersome at first, but he got really good at it by the end of the shoot.

You are vast becoming the Norwegian ‘go to’ man when it comes to warrior roles – what do you think it is that draws you to this type of character/role?

Much obliged! Dispatching of foes with swords and axes from horseback just speaks volumes to my dopamine production. It might simply boil down to genetics: Harald Fairhair is my 36th great grandfather so I’m genetically predisposed to enjoy a little bit of viking mayhem. It’s in my blood.

What is coming up next for you?

I’m starting an awesome project this fall. I can’t disclose any details at this stage so stay tuned! I’d love to tell you more about it! I also got a couple of projects currently in post – Tribes of Europa is one of them, a sci-fi series I worked on for Netflix Germany. The other one is a historic action movie titled Medieval, which is a biopic of the Czech war hero Jan Zizka, starring Ben Foster. A brutal and bloody story set in 14th century Bohemia.

You are originally from Norway – tell us some places you love to visit in the country

There’s a ton of epic sites to see in Norway, many of which I have yet to see myself! It’s been a while, but Besseggen and Galdhøpiggen in Jotunheimen are mighty beautiful. I also visited Svalbard last year which is an amazing place. There are more polar bears than people on this arctic island. If you travel outside of the settlements you need to rent a rifle from the governor to scare off bears if they should get to close. Actually, I shot some aerial footage when I was there and it ended up on The Head Hunter. Can you spot it?

The dramatic landscape of Svalbard (Marcela

What have  you been listening to, reading, or watching under this lockdown? Any great recommendations for us?

Many of us has not been able to work since mid March, but I’m so lucky to have a home studio setup, so for me it’s been business as usual, as far as voice over work goes. I recently joined a Norwegian death metal band so I’ve been listening to our music a lot lately! We’re called Noxium Ferus. Our first album is on the way but we already got some demo tracks out on YouTube. 

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Stay woke. Stay hungry. Be kind. 

Follow Chris on his Instagram @ChrisRygh

Interview by: Alex Minnis

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