Denmark’s rising star: actress Sandra Guldberg Kampp

Back on a hot summer’s day in June 2020 we spoke to Danish actress Sandra Guldberg Kampp about her upcoming movie Wildland (Kød & blod). The movie had picked up some rave reviews with Variety describing Sandra as having a ‘young Scarlett Johansson about her’.

At the time we spoke with Sandra it was still unclear when/if the cinemas would open, and where the movie would be able to be viewed (we had encountered a similar situation when speaking to Nils Veerkooijen about ‘Berlin, Alexanderplatz’).

Fortunately as time has passed since we spoke the cinemas are slowly beginning to open up and finally a year and a couple of months later, Wildland is finally hitting UK Cinemas on the 13th August!

Wildland (Kød & blod) had some rave reviews after it was shown at Berlin Film Festival – are you excited about it finally being released?

I am! Wildland has a special place in my heart for various reasons… But it’s a weird and almost sort of ‘anticlimactic’ feeling… It’s just out of your hands now, and to be honest it’s just very hard to relate to. Of course it’s great to have it released, both in terms of my family and friends being able to see it, and people in the industry. 

I’m grateful for all the kind and complimentary words and reviews I’ve gotten so far – but again they’re just hard to take in and really identify with – but I think that actually might be a good thing… 

Watch the trailer for Wildland here and see why there is so much buzz around this movie!

Tell us a little bit about the movie and your role in it?

I play Ida – a 17 year old girl who loses her alcoholic mother and has to go live with her estranged aunt and her grown up cousins, who happen to be debt collectors. Ida’s new family is extremely welcoming and loving, like nothing she’s ever experienced before. Ida is naturally drawn to this, but everything comes with a price. It starts getting hard for her to separate love and violence, and soon Ida is torn between staying loyal to her new family and their criminal life, or her own morals and saving herself.  It’s about what you’re willing to do to fit in and be loved, social heritage, and so much more.

Sandra plays Ida in Danish crime thriller Wildland (Image credit Christian Geisnaes)

You got to work alongside the brilliant Sidse Babett Knudsen amongst others– what was it like working with the cast?

So much fun and so insightful. I’m incredibly grateful for that opportunity so early in my career – making this film has honestly been the best acting lesson – just being able to act alongside, and observe them. They’re all incredible actors and that just gave my performance so much more in everything!

These people feel like family somehow – we lived and worked together that whole summer while filming – going for swims, getting ice cream after wrap sometimes. I learned a ton from everyone, not only about the fun parts of it all (like acting) but also the flipside so to say, what to expect and what not – and that is just priceless to me… helps me stay grounded!

Have you anything lined up next?

 I do! A few things actually! But I’m afraid I can’t disclose any details or what so ever yet… And I’ve got something currently in post (perhaps out when this interview is out? .. I’m actually not sure) – which I also can’t say much about either… 

You are from Denmark – where are some of your places to visit?

Tons! Denmark might be a small country but don’t let that fool you… just to mention a few, I’d say Ærø has a certain charm! and it’s close to Svendborg, where I grew up, which also has that ‘small danish town’ charm I’d say- but honestly just try going to any of our islands, you can’t really go wrong there…! Go to Skagen and visit the spot where the North and Baltic seas meet, and Aalborg on the way! The westcost, and of course Copenhagen – but try to get away from ‘Indre by’ after you’ve seen the ‘essential’ tourist attractions…. go to Nørre-, Øster- and Vester-bro… etc….!

What have you been watching, reading, or listening to recently – have you any recommendations? (For example movies, podcasts, tv shows, books and albums)

I’ve recently gotten into Podcasts and I love, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day and Belstaffs The Road Less Traveled hosted by Reggie Yates! As for series I really enjoyed Unorthodox, When they see us, Ozark, Fleabag and Patrick Melrose! And I just got to watch Little Women –  The performances, the dynamics in/rhythm the scenes, so many actors I admire in one film, and I just think Greta Gerwig as a director/writer is so intersting and genius in some way…. loved it.  

Finally, what is your tip for the day?

Practice gratitude… even for the smallest things… that is a serious game changer in so many more ways and aspects of your life than you’d imagine…!

Sandra appears in this powerful and extraordinary short film about raising awareness of Global Warming – it is both beautiful and terrifyingly put together by director Nina Holmgren

We are incredibly excited to watch Wildland when it is released and we will certainly be keeping track of Sandra’s success!

Interview by: Alex Minnis

Images Courtesy of Niklas Vindelev (header images), Christian Geisnæs (movie still), and to Ærø Islands (Bjarg Dalheim)

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