Discover Swedish Gaeya’s ‘earth music’ sound with new EP Awakening

Monday saw the release of Gaeya’s EP Awakening and we have spent the week being soothed by her gorgeous vocals. In this interview we find out more about the artist and what she has planned for the year.

Where are you from and what are your favourite places to experience there?

I grew up close to the west coast of Sweden but my family comes from southern Lappland which is where I spent a lot of my childhood. There are many beautiful places in Sweden but one in particular for me is Kinnekulle in Västra Götaland. It feels magical.

I’m also very much in love with an island called Orust on the west coast. During the summer you can find some really lovely places to have a “Fika” (like having a coffee with some sweet dishes). This island’s nature is so diverse that it’s almost a bit like traveling around all of Sweden in one place.

Orust in the Winter (Photo Credit: Credits: Per Pixel Petersson/

How would you best describe your sound?

I call it ‘Earth Music’. It’s like ethereal synth-pop with world influences. Some songs are more ambient and some more driven electropop.

What have you got planned for the year?

We’ve just released our debut EP Awakening and we have also promised to follow up with an acoustic rendition of the EP called Awakening: Reborn. We will also try to do some exclusive online live performances and once we are allowed back play live again we will be ready to meet our audience in person. Then of course I will continue with my sustainability podcast “tellUs” where we can explore sustainability more with  interesting guests sharing their knowledge.

When can we expect to see you start to play some live music?

As soon as the government allows us, my and my team we will continue our Gaeya Tipi Tour. This is a concept where we invite the audience into a big portable tipi tent allowing an audience of 40 people at a time. This makes it a very intimate experience and an opportunity for the audience to participate a lot. We discuss nature and sustainability together with sharing our music around a glistening campfire. We also have some festival bookings for this year that we hope will happen too.

What can we do to help support your music and where do we need to go to do that?

At this time, you can  help by  buying, streaming and sharing our music with your friends and family. We will try to host some online concerts that people can donate to as well. Donations can also be made via my Spotify page. Any help will be a big help in supporting our work and help us to be able to continue creating.

Spreading the word of our music and the importance to reconnecting to the earth is really what helps us the most..

Finally, what was the last thing you read, watched, and listened to?

Hmmm… that’s hard, I have an interest for wild food and herbs so I think it was a swedish book from Hella Nathorst-Böös, Häxans Handbok.

The last thing I watched was probably a new episode from the Swedish Youtube vlogger Jonna Jinton. And the last thing I listened to was on vinyl at Daniel Nordgren, a great musician well worth listening to.

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