5 Minute Fika: Actress Simone Lykke from new comedy film One Way To Denmark

We have a 5 minute fika coffee break and chat with Simone Lykke, currently starring in new British comedy movie One Way to Denmark, available on NOW TV and Sky Cinema. Simone tells us what the film is all about, her role in it and what else she has planned for 2021.

Simone Lykke (Photo Credit: Christian Geisnæs)

Your movie One Way to Denmark is now out in the UK – tell us about the movie and your role?

One Way to Denmark is a very subtle and beautiful movie that basically tells the story about a man (played by Rafe Spall) who’s life almost feels like not worth living. With a small piece of hope he seeks happiness in Denmark and this is where he meets my character Mathilda.

In a lot of ways they are different sides of the same coin. But they represent different ways of dealing with challenges in life. Mathilda is way more positive as her survival technique and the relationship they develop is not a classical love story but in my eyes deeper than that. It shows us the importance of just having somebody that listens and supports us in life. And someone who understand us. Nobody should be lonely. We all need someone to help us up when we fall. That’s the beauty of all kind of relationships. 

Currently showing on NOW TV/Sky Cinema in the UK

Tell us about where the movie was filmed in Denmark.

We filmed a small part of the Danish locations in Esbjerg which is one of the largest cities in Denmark. The city has the most beautiful harbour where the movie starts it’s Danish adventure. I had never been in Esbjerg before and also got the chance to travel to Fanø which is such a beautiful Island in Vadehavet. A lot of the shots in Denmark is actually shot in Wales though. The magic of movies 😉 I lived in Cardiff and we shot in both studios and locations around Wales. It’s obvious for us Danes but not sure if you guys in UK can spot what is shot in Denmark and what’s not 😉 

What can we expect next from you?

Hopefully you’ll get the chance to watch my series that premiered in 2020 in the UK. Especially Grow and second season of Pros And Cons so fingers crossed you won’t have to wait too long haha. Right now I’m filming The Chestnut Man for Netflix but can’t tell any more for now. That will also premiere in UK when it comes out. Really excited to be a part of the series. Such a great book from Soeren Svejstrup everyone should take the time to read. You won’t be bored that’s for sure. 

Finally, what is your preferred coffee and cake combination?

Actually I don’t drink coffee but I’m always up for a great cup of tea and a butter croissant. My favourite tea is mint or chamomile but I’ll drink is all haha.

You can watch One Way To Denmark over on NOW TV / Sky Cinema (in the UK)!

Interview by Alex Minnis

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