Dogs Don’t Wear Pants and Tove Star Krista Kosonen

Back last year in August we spoke to Krista Kosonen.

We had discovered Krista in the strangely titled ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants‘. A film as fascinating as its title, Krista plays her leading role fantastically and both her performance and the film have since picked up a number of awards and nominations. We decided to re-publish this piece as over in the UK the excellent Film4 had finally released Dogs Don’t Wear Pants for you viewing pleasure!

Krista has become somewhat of a household name in Finland after appearing in a sketch comedy show, but she is best known for her roles in movies such as Jade Warrior, Blade Runner 2049, and has a major role in the movie ‘Tove‘ which is currently receiving high praise on the awards circuit and should be released in the UK very soon.

Click the image above to be linked to the Film4 page showing the movie

We wanted to start with Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (Koirat eivät käytä housuja) which we believe is quickly becoming quite a cult movie – for those that may not know the movie how would you best describe it?

Hahah, well – there are different ways of describing it- our director J-P Valkeapää says it’s a “boy meets girl” type of a romantic comedy but I would say it is a story about dealing with loss and sorrow and finding your own thing, or scene, in life. And in this film the scene happens to be a BDSM scene.

Krista and Pekka Strang get close and personal

How did your involvement in the movie come about and what drew you to the story?

My involvement actually took a while because honestly I thought the character of ‘Mona’ needed a little more work. I knew I wanted to work with J-P because I really liked his earlier film, especially the visuality of them. I also really wanted to work with Pekka Strang because I admire his acting and I had never acted with him before.

So me and J-P met several times and just talked and talked about the script an it changed quite a bit from the first version I read. We also went to see BDSM-sessions together and talked to a dominatrix Villi Ira (Wild Ira) about her profession and it was a big eye-opener for me and made me understand the character better. I am so happy I got involved making this film, it was a wonderful experience that taught me a lot about human behaviour.

We are going to see you next in the upcoming Tove – tell us some more about your role in the movie and what to expect?

My role is the role of Vivica Bandler. She was a Finnish-Swedish theatre director and also Tove Jansson’s lover. They stayed life-long friends even after the relationship ended and she brought the world famous Moomin characters on stage and directed plays about them.

The film is a great biopic about a multitalented artist (a painter, a writer, a cartoonist and a childrens book-author)- about her struggles as an artist and her lovelife. Homosexuality was considered a crime (until 1971) and a psychiatric illness (until 1981) in Finland in those days.

Krista (Right) alongside Alma Pöysti (Left) who plays Tove in the movie (Credit: Sami Kuokkanen)

You also starred in Norwegian TV Series Beforeigners where you had to apparently learn Norwegian AND Old Norse is that true? Can we expect a second series?

Yes! That is very true. I did a female lead role in two languages I don’t speak a word of. I must say it was a challenge but I love challenges. ”Tove” is also in Swedish so I had the same struggles there. I love working hard on the characters.

‘Beforeigners’ was an absolute joy to work on- I thought it was a crazy concept and my role as Alfhild Enginsdottir, a viking -police officer was like a dream role for me- I had so much fun with it!

For the second season, I just have to answer: stay tuned! Hahaha, sorry- my lips are sealed (UPDATE – Yes there is and she is just wrapping it all up this week)!

What can we expect next from you?

Well, I will be working a lot this autumn on a production I really love but that is all I can say about that for now!

You made a brief appearance in the excellent Blade Runner 2049 movie – what was it like working on the set for that particular scene and with such a talented director (not forgetting Ryan Gosling too)?

Well- as a movie fan that was like a dream come true, to be in that set with those people (also the legend Roger Deakins!) and just admire the incredible production design and the super-professionals working on that film! I was just very grateful for the whole experience. Denis Villeneuve was just the sweetest, kindest man and it was so great to see how excited he was about that production. The same goes for Ryan, he was a really, really nice person.

Krista’s appearance in Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049

You grew up in Finland – where are some of your favourite places to visit?

Oh, there are so many places if you are into nature! We have thousands of lakes and a lot of forests and the air is very clean. I have just spent the whole summer at my summer cottage in the archipelago and it has been the best summer – just fishing and picking blueberries from the forest- so relaxing.

Also, Lapland in the winter – or any time of the year really – is unforgettable. Santa Claus lives there!

What have you been watching, reading, and listening to recently – any recommendations for us?

I am crazy about HBO’s ‘I May Destroy You’ – it is utterly brilliant and it made me an instant fan of Michaela Coel.

I also love ”Fleabag” on Amazon prime.

I read a lot and I just finished Delia Owens ‘Where the Crawdads Sings’ it was brilliant. I also love Rachel C!

Finally – what is your tip of the day?

Work hard and party hard! Oh – and wear a mask! 

Interview by Alex Minnis

Photo Credits to Ilze Vanaga for Dogs Don’t Wear Pants images and headshot image (above) Marica Rosengard

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