Nordic New Music: Oliver Dengsø

Danish artist Oliver Dengsø released his new single Lion last week and today sees the release of an exclusive live video recording of the track. Oliver is signed on record label Blikflak which has some fantastic artists on it including MAKE and Svaneborg Kardyb who we have covered in the past.

We spoke with the singer, who resides in Aarhus, about his journey to this musical landscape, his influences, and what plans he has next.

Where did you grow up in Denmark and what were some of your musical influences growing up?

I grew up in Århus which is the second biggest city in Denmark. In my childhood I was musically influenced by artists my parents would listen to, like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Whitney Houston and Disney, tunes as well. Then later I would go more Grunge.  

Aarhus is Denmark’s second-biggest city (Photo Credit: RUNI Photopop / Copyright: VisitAarhus)

How much do you feel the landscape might inspire you and are there any particular places you like to visit?

I get just as much inspiration from the city as I get from landscapes of nature. But in general landscapes don’t inspire me as much as human behaviour. I loooooove pretty landscapes, though.

Photo Credit: Magnus Olesen

Lion is your next single – tell us about the message behind this particular track?

The message behind the song is to be proud of what you are, whether you are Lion or sheep.The song is dedicated to all the people doubting themselves – Myself included.

You have also released a live video of the track which sounds incredible – when the time is right and one can tour and play live music again what aspect of touring are you looking forward most?

I’m looking forward to interacting with the audience and showing them what I’ve been working on. Mostly I’m just excited to play live music again.

Check out the live session of Oliver Densgo’s Lion! What a voice!

We are really excited about your album – what can you tell us about it in terms of its production and sound you have gone for?

In the process I recorded 50 demos/songs and selected 12 of them to make the album. The album contains my most angriest songs to date, but I wrap the anger into metaphors and personifications as I always do. It’s been a therapeutic journey making the album. 

It’s been a difficult time this past year, what can fans of your music do to support you?

They can send me positive or negative messages to inspire me, show up to live events and listen to the music.

Finally – What is the last movie or TV Series you watched, book you read, and album you listened to?

The last movie I saw was “Stowaway”. Last Tv Series was “The Queens Gambit”. Last book was a Danish book called “Radiator”. Last Album was “Miss Anthropocene” by Grimes.

Interview by Alex Minnis

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