Let MAKE’s new track ‘Flow’ chill your Sunday for you

MAKE is the wonderful pairing of two talented Danish music artists – composer Mads Houe Sørensen and pianist Joachim Keller Kostending. The pair have been lifelong friends creating music either together or within other areas of the industry.

Their new collobation takes on a different than usual with their focus taking in the stunning soundscapes fuelled by Scandinavian folk music and German neoclassicism – a result of Houe’s Nordic Jazz background.

We have been creating music together in various projects for many years but always with the dream of creating a unique sound together. The idea of MAKE happened by chance during a session where a magical space of sound suddenly appeared, which we both fell in love with. After this we consciously started to produce and write more in that same genre and agreed that this would become more than unfinished projects.

Their first single is Flow – the perfect antidote for a peaceful moment as their stunning soundscapes allow to envelope you and help you switch off. Complete with the track is their video for the track – a simple yet hypnotic bit of footage to help you zone out all your troubles.

Be sure to give them a listen and follow if the pair if you wish to find out more weare.make and their label Blikflak

Feature by Alex Minnis

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