Actress Seidi Haarla tells us about her Cannes experience with film Compartment No.6

Actress Seidi Haarla gives us a quick run down of her time at Cannes Film Festival last week where her film Compartment No.6 had it’s premiere!

You have come back from Cannes – how did you find the whole experience over there?

It sure was a trip! Love and laughter with our crew, and enjoyment with all the new people. I am extremely happy and grateful for the experience!

What movies did you catch out there – which ones got you excited?

I saw Joachim Trier’s Worst Human In The World, Wes Andersson’s French Dispatch, Mia Hansen Love’s Bergman Island, and Asghar Farhadi’s Hero

Film which touched me and took me to somewhere where I was surprised was Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir Part 2 and I was also moved by Khadar Ayderus Ahmed’s Gravediggers wife.

Compartment No 6 has had some rave reviews –  how did the movie come about for you?

Dear project, with new friends. Now it is a part of me and my life and I am very happy about that.

Were you familiar with the book before taking on the role?

Yes of course! I read Rosa Liksom’s short stories already as a teenager, I think she is an amazing artist. 

After you have recovered from the festival what is up next?

Hmm.. Recovering doesn’t last for long at this point as I am warming up a theatre performance which I wrote with my sister last year. But life is good now just like this!

Interview by Alex Minnis

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