Meet Danish record label Blikflak’s new artist Jaden Castro

Our good friends Blikflak are excited about a new release from their artist Jaden Castro. Jaden’s new single ‘Starz’ is released today and sees the record label introduce us to an artist who has come all the way from Connecticut to beautiful Aarhus in Denmark, where he now resides. Sighting such influences as Kendrick Lamar, Wu Tang, J Cole, and NAS, Jaden has been working hard on his new album with Danish producers and we can’t wait to check out the finished product!

What brought you to Denmark and how does it compare with your hometown in Connecticut?

So what brought me to Denmark was actually a producer I met online by the name HansSOLO around 2011-12. He eventually invited me to SpotFest 2019 and the rest is history.

Aarhus, Denmark in general is completely different then Hartford. Different lifestyle, energy, and the people seems more welcoming and open, to me at least. I fell in love with DK instantly. I consider that my second home for sure!!

Where are some of your favourites places to hang out there?

Umm I would have to say InstitutofX. That’s where I spent most of my time. The atmosphere of that place is amazing. Beautiful landscape, lovely events I actually lived there so that’s that haha. Also I would say going into town in downtown Aarhus was always a go to as well. There were a few bars that me and some friends would go to and get lit.

How did you discover HanSOLO’s work and start working together?

So yeah like I said above I met Hans online around 2011-2012. I had a group called The Voyagers and we discovered him by his works with ProEra. We contacted him and surprisingly he hit us back, so yeah we started our relationship there.

We made a few songs after that with the group but I’m not sure if they’re still on SoundCloud. Skip to 2019, Hans invited me to perform with him featuring Athletic Progression at Spot FESTIVAL, we made a album, did a couple visuals and we started a thing so to speak haha.

Your new single ‘Starz’ is released today. Tell us about the track and working with producer Rune Lak.

So a little back story, I actually met Rune through Hans. He actually mixed that album I was talking about with Hans called The Gengis LP on all streaming platforms by the way. With that being said I linked with Rune LAk a few times and we got along so we decided to make a album during one of our sessions.

He offered to record and engineer me and I was super stoked so excepted right away. The idea I had was to gather a bunch of producers from all over and create something interesting. I had a producer in mind who I also met online from UK named Remulak. He sent me a few beats and this was one of the gems I came up with. Shout to Remulak, Salute!

What can we expect next?

More music and me just establishing my brand. I’m such a workaholic I already have 2 more albums in the works aside from VOYAGE ETERNAL so definitely be in the look out for those. I would just say follow me on Instagram @Jadothejedi and keep you eyes open.

What was the last thing you watched, book you read, and album you listened to?

Last thing I watched was American Horror Story first season. I never seen it so I decided to give it a watch. I was sceptical at first, I thought it was going to be trash but quite the contrary haha.

Last book I read was Astral Voyages by Dr. Bruce Goldberg. It’s about astral traveling and and inter dimensions.

Last album I listened to was Don’t Throw Rocks At the Moon by this group called Planet Giza. They’re from Montreal, Canada and they’re dope. Check them out !

Interview by Alex Minnis

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