Interview with Herbert Nordrum – star of the acclaimed Norwegian film ‘The Worst Person In The World’

The love for Joachim Trier’s The Worst Person In The World has been building and building – from the moment it premiered in Cannes to its arrival last week at Reykjavik’s International Film Festival and more recently at BFI London International Film Festival.

With each festival, the hype is growing, and rightly so. It is, without doubt, our nordic film of the year boasting some astonishing performances, gorgeous cinematography, and on top of all of that, a brilliant soundtrack.

We spoke to one of its stars, Herbert Nordrum, just as Variety released an article saying how they predict the film will win an Academy Award!

Photo Credit: Einar Aslaksen

NW: What was it like working with Joachim Trier on this movie and how did the role come about for you?

HN: It was of course a dream come true. I have been a huge fan of him since his first film Reprise.

He has a way of telling stories about the big themes in life in a very tactile and intimate way, and that creates great cinema!

When they asked me if I would come to an audition, my heart jumped a beat. I read the script and fell in love with the characters and how the story moves. And when Joachim called to offer me the part, I was at a dinner party so I couldn’t scream, but I ended up silently jumping up and down in the hallway by myself like a crazy person.

NW: Were you ever ready for the response that The Worst Person In The World has had? Including potentially being in one of the most iconic scenes/images of the year (the smoke sharing moment).

HN: I knew we had made something really good and was extremely proud of it, so I didn’t really think about any response. But when it came, after the first premiere in Cannes… I truly don’t have words.

The film is now traveling around the world and getting great reviews everywhere. Feels great to be a part of it.

And if the smoke sharing scene has become iconic. it is a tribute to Joachim Trier and Kasper Tuxen amazing collaboration.

The first clip released for The World Person In The World shows Herbert sharing an intimate moment with Renate Reinsve’s Julie

Variety magazine has predicted The Worst Person In The World to win Best International Feature Film – how does that make you feel?

Super fucking hyped and humbled by their appreciation of the film.

Photo Credit: Einar Aslaksen

What is coming up next for you?

There are some projects that I’m really looking forward to, that I can’t really talk about yet. But soon…

What have you been watching, reading, and listening to recently – any recommendations?

I saw The Green Knight at the cinema and it was fantastic, I highly recommend it!  

Just finished Karl Ove Knausgård new book Morgenstjernen (Morning Star) and loved it.

In the morning, if I have time to sit down and enjoy my coffee, I’ve started listening to The Köln Concert album by Keith Jerrett a lot. Which is of course amazing.

And the song Girlfriend is better by Talking Heads is on repeat, all day, every day. You just can’t be in a bad mood when you listen to that song. And listing a lot to Pa Salieu.

Interview by Alex Minnis

Portrait Photo Credits: Einar Aslaksen

Look out for The Worst Person In The World as it arrives on MUBI in the UK on the 13th May.

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