Nordic Watchlist Best of 2021: FILMS

What a year for Nordic cinema! A lot of films finally got releases in the UK and Worldwide, so we could catch up on all the brilliant content out there.

Here’s our Top 10 favourite films of this year, (based on release date), and where to access them from the UK.

10. Breaking Surface (Amazon Prime)

Breaking Surface had the potential to climb higher on here as we’ve watched it at least three times now and don’t tire of it. We still gasp in shock at the moments of tension. It is a really great piece of Norwegian cinema backed by the most stunning of locations – the Lofoten Islands.

9. Lamb (Cinema)

Is it that good? Only you can really decide – the less you know the more weirder it is, but even if you did get to know one of the big reveals then it will still leave you in shock and scratching your head. It is typically Icelandic in its sense of black comedy with serious dark undertone. The scenery is beautiful for the Icelandphiles out there and Noomi is on top form.

8. Gritt (MUBI)

You know you have seen a great movie when you are still thinking about its main character days later; “I wonder what Gritt might be doing right now?” We heard ourselves think aloud! That is how mesmerizing Birgitte Larsen’s performance is in Itonje Soimer Guttomsen’s debut feature – which is now streaming on MUBI so go see!

We were left wondering what Gritt is up to now

7. Tove (Curzon)

Such a beautifully acted and put together story about the legendary Tove Jansson, steering more towards her personal relationships (and in particular with Krista Kosonen’s character Vivica) than focusing entirely on her Moomin creations. This movie made us want to dance – a lot!

We’re stilling thinking about Tove

6. Wildland (VOD)

Jeanette Nordahl’s debut feature took some time making it’s way to the UK but when it finally did it certainly did not disappoint. Sandra Guldberg Kampp is truly magnificent as she tries to fit in with Sidse Babett Knudsen’s family leading to some pretty intense situations. This film gets better with repeat watching too!

What a lovely family to be stuck with in Jeanette Nordahl’s Wildland

5. The Trip (Netflix)

Noomi Rapace has had a huge year – she has been popping up everywhere and there is even more coming in 2022. Most of the focus is on Lamb, and rightly so, but that meant that not enough attention was drawn towards Tommy Wirkola’s brutal, bloody, and brilliant movie The Trip. It is an absolute blast!

Couple problems reach a new high in The Trip

4. Shorta (Netflix)

If you haven’t heard us screaming and shouting about this since January then where have you been? Having spoken with both it’s stars Jacob Lohmann and Tarek Zayat we have been championing this movie all year and now it is on Netflix, you can watch it too!

Trouble is brewing in Shorta

3. Ninjababy (Curzon)

The performances in this movie, and most notably by Katherine, are incredible. Shortlisted for the Oscars but just beaten by The Worst Person in the World (not a bad movie really to knock you out of the running!) This is now possible to watch on Curzon and we really do recommend it.

The cutest potential couple in Ninjababy

2. Riders of Justice (Sky Cinema / Now TV)

The wonderful Mads is back in an action set-piece where he has the limelight stolen from completely under his feet by the rest of the cast who are on absolute fire. To top that off we have a new Christmas action movie to watch alongside Die Hard!

Mads faces trouble in Riders of Justice

1. Another Round (Sky Cinema / Now TV)

We made this our number one last year as we had seen it but it wasn’t yet on general release here – but we love it so much that it is only right to have this re-established as our number one again this year, now that everyone has the opportunity to see it!

And see it you must! It truly is a wonderful piece of cinema that sees Mad Mikkelsen at the top of his game and supported by an excellent cast.

Mads Mikkelsen is celebrating being top of Nordic Watchlist’s Best of 2021 movies!

Want to see what else we have watched this year? Check out our trailer below of Nordic 2021 movies!

Feature by Alex & Claire Minnis

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