Rising Stars of 2021

Amongst all the TV series and films we have been blessed with this year, there are also the talented people who are involved and keep us glued to the screens.

In our final post of the year we wanted to turn our attention to some of the brilliant individuals we have discovered this year, who have a promising future ahead. It’s important to state that this is a small selection of talent that have had an impact on us this year, there is plenty more talent beyond this list!

Sandra Guldberg Kampp

In a year that saw the young star turn 21, her debut feature in Jeanette Nordahl’s Wildland finally got an international release – earning rave reviews for her performance – and she got invited to Cannes not once… but twice!

Firstly, as part of two short films she worked on, and then she got invited back to a gathering at the Queen’s palace with Sidse Babette Knudsen at her side. That’s not a bad way to go about 2021 really is it?

Agnes Born

January started with us finally getting to see Norway’s Monster on Walter Presents, in which Agnes’ performance stuck out and we couldn’t wait to see what else she would get up to next.

We waited the best part of a year to finally see her again, this time in Netflix’s The Witcher, playing Veerena in the opening episode. Though her moment is brief, it is one that stands out, making it one of the most fascinating episodes with a chilling performance by Agnes, who had to tussle with one Henry Cavill. We can’t wait to see what Agnes has coming next in 2022!

Tarek Zayat

Tarek Zayat burst onto our screens with an immense debut performance in Denmark’s Shorta (currently on Netflix – go watch it if you haven’t yet)! Since appearing in the popular Danish movie, he has now picked up a role in a new TV series, along side the likes of Danish superstar Dar Salim.

We spoke with Tarek earlier in the year and his story is absolutely fascinating and truly worth a read – you can find out more HERE

Asgeir Sigurdsson

Asgeir was 20 years old when he was involved in the writing, directing, and acting of his film ‘Harmur‘. With the film getting a release date in Iceland this February, we are incredibly excited to see what this talented individual (and the group of creatives around him) will bring in the future.

There are not many of us that can say we have achieved such feats by the age of 21!

Edvin Ryding

Actor Edvin shot to stardom this year with his brilliant performance as Willhelm in Netflix’s Young Royals. His on-screen chemistry with co-star Omar Rudberg was absolutely beautiful, allowing huge plaudits for the stars. The show was such a success that the series has been commissioned for a second season and its fan base is truly phenomenal.

Kudos must also go to not only the wonderful supporting cast but to the series creator Lisa Ambjörn.

Ninja Thyberg & Sofie Kappel

We haven’t seen Ninja Thyberg’s Pleasure yet but we can already tell you now that this is one film to be looking out for in 2022.

The pair have absolutely dominated the international film festivals this year picking up awards and recognition – on top of that is their clear respect for each other and the bond built whilst making the movie and travelling with it. The fact that Ninja’s next project is going to be a remake of 1980s movie The Witches of Eastwick for Warner Brothers speaks volumes, big volumes!

Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl

One name to look out for in 2022 is Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl – her role in Denmark’s Cry Wolf gained her a lot of accolades and she can next been seen in Tea Lindeburg’s As In Heaven, where again she puts in an absolutely stellar performance.

Don’t just take it from us, hear the director’s view of the young actress:

Flora is a very talented young woman and I am so extremely proud of her. I could not have wished for a better girl to portray Lise. It was not an easy part to play but Flora put everything she had into that role and I think it clearly shows. 

Tea Lindeburg, director of As in Heaven

You will be able to see for yourself when Cry Wolf comes to UK screens with Walter Presents in January.

Feature by Alex Minnis

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